XP Service Pack 2 - what it breaks

  Urotsukidoji 14:33 19 Aug 2004

hiya all, here is a couple of links to the MS support site with a couple of interesting articles about what SP2 breaks software wise.

read learn and inwardly digest, i will be asking questions later ! lol

click here

click here;en-us;842242

  Urotsukidoji 14:38 19 Aug 2004

2nd link wrong

try this...

click here;en-us;842242

  Old Shep 14:47 19 Aug 2004

Saw it the other day and posted it on here. Breaks more than it repairs I think, but am taking FE advice and waiting for the sp2 on November issue of PCA. Maybe it will be sorted by then.

  xania 14:49 19 Aug 2004

Incredible - even their own software creates problems. I think I'll wait for SP2.1, or later!!

  ZEROTOLERANCE 14:55 19 Aug 2004

im with you 2,

i saved hard for my nero ultra 6 and all its plugins,

im not risking losing/buggering it as soon as ive got it

  Sethhaniel 15:35 19 Aug 2004

list on their site the problems it has and how to resolve them

  christmascracker 15:58 19 Aug 2004

I have Nero6 and have has SP2 since last week. It is still working as it should. The latest Nero update gives suport for SP2.

click here

  Totally-braindead 17:57 19 Aug 2004

I'd already pretty much decided to wait a bit and now I'm certain I will wait, these are only the programs they know about theres bound to be others, and I use Norton Antivirus 2003 which is listed, I'm definately not going to install it till theres a fix for that.

  hatrickj 18:21 19 Aug 2004

Hilarious-not as M'soft has warnings about Zonelabs and then you go to the Zonelabs link ans what do you find? z....works seamlessly with Sp2! Again it amounts to don't balme us if you get ypur keyboard in a twist. Tcha!

  Jackcoms 19:00 19 Aug 2004

Downloaded SP2 earlier today - 75 minutes on BB.

So far, so good.

No obvious problems.

  CHAIRLEG 19:05 19 Aug 2004

Just visited Symantec site and there is a long list about SP2 and there products,Norton anti virus it says will not be affected.Hope there right.

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