XP Service Pack 2 Beta

  bob1234 13:32 14 Apr 2004

Anyone tried it? Any opinions? Am just downloading it now, not sure if I'm brave enough!

  mdshamilton 13:38 14 Apr 2004

Is there a URL you could share?

  bob1234 13:41 14 Apr 2004
  keenan 13:43 14 Apr 2004

Its takes awhile even on BB to download

click here

Have created a seperate partition to try it, however not had time to install as yet.

  Sethhaniel 14:13 14 Apr 2004

11 hours download on dial-up !!!!

  arricarry 14:19 14 Apr 2004

They have got to put right all the mistakes of SP1 which was a bit buggy, IKernel.exe being one that springs to mind.

  poogles_uk 15:18 14 Apr 2004

How much will the cd cost? When will the final version be released? All MS downloads are slow from theiir site at the mo. If you are a bit worried id wait for the final release like i am going to do!! Then get my dad to download it at work on his BB.

  bob1234 14:51 17 Apr 2004

Seems to mainly deal with increased security, Anyone else got any commenyts on it.

  Forum Editor 14:58 17 Apr 2004

and the final release will be available in June.

As yet, Microsoft haven't finalised decisions about distribution methods, although one of them will be a download, and another will obviously be a CD. I've suggested to them that this is one instance when a magazine cover CD would make an ideal distribution method, but they haven't reacted to that yet.

I have a firm promise that Microsoft will let me know as soon as a final distribution plan is in place, and I'll report back when I hear from them.

I've been running this Service pack (in all its beta versions) for quite a long time now, and can confirm that it seems to be very stable.

  rawprawn 15:24 17 Apr 2004

I have been running it for about 2 weeks now and I am quite impressed. It isn't just a question of new security patches, it has an entirely different feel. The only two minor problems I have hit are) it won't recognise Avast AV, although it runs OK, and I put on ETrust AV as supplied by MS and no trouble. 2) I can't get to Zone Alarm settings through the control panel (New Setting ) but it is not a problem. Go ahead & give it a whirl, you can uninstall if you want.

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