XP Serious Error Recovery Message

  X-Box 09:49 20 Apr 2004

Last weekend my PC (Athlon 2400 with 512MB Ram)
shut down & re-started whilst I was in the middle of some photoediting. I have several large images open and Adobe Photoshop & other software running so I guessed it was a memory problem and was not too surprised.

Anyway after restarting XP came up with the 'PC has recovered from a serious fault.........' message which I declined to send to Microsoft.

Now, whenever I turn on the PC the same message appears. I click on 'Don't send' and the machine works fine as far as I can tell. No files appear to be missing and all my software & peripherals work OK.

Is there likely to be a serious fault I haven't spotted, or has XP got itself confused ?

  AndySD 09:59 20 Apr 2004

Does it give you any more info on what the error is and if so could you tell us please.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:00 20 Apr 2004

I'm never sure of these messages but would suggest that you use the system file checker to ensure that all is well:



sfc /scannow

And click Run

  X-Box 11:10 20 Apr 2004

Andy SD

The problem is on my home PC - I'm at work now.

The error message just says that a dump file has been created in windows\minidump.
Sure enough the .dmp files are there but are unreadable (binary?) so not much help.

Diodorus Siculus

Thanks, I'll try this tonight & see what happens.
I assume that if it reports something wrong/missing it can be fixed from the XP install disk ?

  Diodorus Siculus 12:14 20 Apr 2004

Yes, you will need the XP disk in the drive.

  AndySD 12:23 20 Apr 2004

The dump file is a little too complex to use and can be deleted. But when the message comes up there should be the option for more details can you note some or all of this please. It may just be a corrupt driver needing reinstalling.

  X-Box 12:34 20 Apr 2004

Thanks to you both.

I'll have a go this evening & report back.

(fingers crossed )

  X-Box 11:33 21 Apr 2004

I ran sfc /scannow last night.

Although nothing was reported as missing/wrong when I re-booted no error message appeared.

Several re-boots confirmed that it had gone.

Thanks for the advice - Ah the mysteries of Microsoft !!

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