XP and Safe Mode

  birdface 08:39 29 Jul 2012

An old XP computer with no D Drive working.

It will not start in safe mode when tapping F8 or F5 is there another way of starting in safe mode from normal mode.

Did notice that my daughter was using a Dell keyboard on here Tiny Computer would that make any difference.I would not have thought so but you never know.

Just trying to remove a stubborn part of Zamana Antilogger that does not want to move.

I have read that installing it again and removing it using safe mode may well remove it completely.

I did use revo uninstaller in mode 4 to remove it but this particular bit will not move and starts every time I reboot.

I have removed it from msconfig and some other programs but it keeps comming back at start up.

I have also tried removing it from device manager.View.Antilogger 32 and deleting it but it keeps returning when computer is rebooted.

Just put Eset Smart5 and Malwarebytes Pro on it and it has been freezing at start up.

Managed to switch malwarebytes off before the computer completely froze.

So can use the computer again

There is an uninstall going about but it is from an unsafe site and I do not want to use that in case it makes matters worse.

Computer connected Via wireless if that makes any difference.

  SparkyJack 09:15 29 Jul 2012

I have worked on a local built [non big brand] computer that got 'D' recovery going by pressing F10.

This also worked on a now defunct British brand whose name escapes me but as I type this its Maxtor sata drive sits on bench - the rest having been binned long ago/

So try F10 Also try *restore as far back as you can go.

  KRONOS the First 09:31 29 Jul 2012
  birdface 09:57 29 Jul 2012

Will have a good look at that one a bit later.Not a good site according to WOT.


Just a matter of downloading to your computer without running it and checking it out with Security programs before running anything.


Computer is about 7 years old and way past it's sell by date so no Recovery on it.

I usually remove restore points to help keep the computer working so would not be able to go back a year since installing Zemana.

  KRONOS the First 10:12 29 Jul 2012

So although McAfee says its fine but WOT says different then that's enough for you? How on earth do you get anything done? I used to have WOT installed until I noticed that perfectly good sites were classed as dodgy and it was happening far to often.

Your choice of course.

  KRONOS the First 10:14 29 Jul 2012

PS: Why not just reinstall XP? That will give you hours of fun.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:28 29 Jul 2012

"is there another way of starting in safe mode from normal mode."

Yes there is:

Start -> Run -> type msconfig -> OK -> BOOT.INI tab. Tick the /SAFEBOOT option, click OK then restart the PC. It should boot into Safe Mode automatically with no user intervention.

  birdface 10:48 29 Jul 2012


Will give that a try the next time I am up there.

I was just wondering if stopping internet connection and then trying to uninstall it would work.


Never said I would not use it.Just that I would download it without running it.Then scan it using my security settings before installing.

Now reinstalling Xp is a great idea.Just a pity we don't have an XP disc with SP3 on it and of course as we have no CD drive it would make it that bit harder to install.

The computer is way past its sell by date so cant see any point of spending any cash updating it.

I cant try anything till I go back up to her house just trying to get enough information about removing the problem so that she can use it for a few more months.

Thought it had reached the end of the road last night when it kept freezing and would not start in safe mode.

  KRONOS the First 11:16 29 Jul 2012

I can supply a CD with SP3 on it,easy enough to make one up, as for a CD drive borrow one from an existing PC.

  T0SH 11:20 29 Jul 2012

Advise being carefull using msconfig safeboot option, should the boot into safe mode fail as it can do, you will then be unable to boot into normall mode again to deselect safeboot

By the sounds of it your hang up occurs in the startup group, so perhaps you could try pressing and holding down the left shift key during switch on holding right up your desktop before release

From there you can use msconfig settings to disable all startup items, then check if you can boot normally , from msconfig you can also disable all the non microsoft services for diagnostic tests by re-enabling one at a time until the problem recurs

On the reason you are unable to get into safe is probably because the dell keyboard is usb (without legacy USB support enabled in BIOS) so going back to a PS2 should get the F8 or F5 options working again

Cheers HC

  birdface 11:58 29 Jul 2012


Thanks for the further advice.Removing it from msconfig does not work it just installs itself again so that it starts at boot up all of the time.

Will see what she has done with the other keyboard.No doubt it will probably be knackered if they have tried to plug it in any time as they have bent the wires in the plug before by tring to shove it in the wrong way.

Have looked in services in msconfig and cannot see anything for zamana even with microsoft programs turned off.But will have a closer look the next time I am up there.

It does not matter how many times you disable Zamana it just enables itself again.


Thanks for the offer but not sure if needed.If I can pick up a cheap drive for it I will have a rethink.Just fed up telling her to get a decent computer they are not that expensive nowadays.The computer has 2 drives a CD drive And a DVD R/W drive I hope I got that the correct way around.

Both packed in years ago maybe I wired them up wrong when taking them out to check and installing them again but I don't think so.Just old age.

If I can sort out the recent problem that should help for a while.

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