xp runs slow when logged into domain

  microstyle 16:13 25 Feb 2005

Simple network, one windows 2000 server, this is the DC connected to a 1ghz hub via 1gig card, 8 workstations connected to hub via 100mhz cards.

PC's are XP sp2 - all logged into domain via the control panel -> system -> computer name -> network id button.

When logging in to the network if i log into the network via the domain the pc will run slow, it's slow to log in (1 min + to fully load), slow to run programs like word (loading, loading docuemnts) etc ..... it just runs slow.

If I log into the local computer (logging in as same user/password etc ....) it logs in very quickly ( 5 secs max) and the system/programs runs much faster, plus all my network programs work without any problems.

2 questions then:
Why does it run slower when logged into the domain when the cables, users, pc's all remain the same ?

Do i need to log into the domain if it all works anyway ?

Thanks in advance .......

  LastChip 23:33 25 Feb 2005
  microstyle 11:20 28 Feb 2005

Sorry, that didn't work BUT it has pointed me to look at new area's I'd not known before so thanks. I think it's now quicker when running programs it just takes a small age to load up after logging in ! Any one else ?

  Chezdez 15:23 01 Mar 2005

hmmm, sounds like the computers in the CAT-lab at my college. they are currently 10Mbps, and are slow as hell to load up

make sure that everything is set to run at 100Mbps, it may just be that the hub is set to 10Mbps possibly

the fact that your using a hub won't help

switch to a switch (pun intended :P) and you'll find it will be much faster as, A) you get full duplex communication (effetively making it a 200Mbps network); and B) you can now have multiple computers communicating

  microstyle 15:33 01 Mar 2005

Sorry, thats my crap IT terminology kicking in, it is a switch and not a hub, a netgear 10/100/1000mb one and it's all displaying connections of 100 (or 1000 to the server).

My pc is currently logged on the domain and most of time loading a word or excel file from the network can take over 40 secs. These arn't big files, mostly the doc appears on the screen but you can't click on any part of the doc or word whilsting it's still loading what appears to be nothing, cause the doc has loaded and is on the screen ?! If i switch back to my local computer log in, i can load the same document in 2/3 seconds and be ready to type ?!

  Chezdez 15:41 01 Mar 2005

i take it your loading the file from the server in both instances?

very strange...

sorry, no more ideas spring to mind at the moment, i'll keep thinking, and i'm sure someone else will have ideas

  microstyle 15:44 01 Mar 2005

Yep, it's the same file from the same location......

  BigMoFoT 22:15 14 Mar 2005

sounds like there is a problem with DNS.

Have you checked your lookups?

  microstyle 09:24 15 Mar 2005

Sorry, but I have very little idea what your talking about :( I've heard of dns and we have two number to fill in on each pc to surf the net, but i don't know what lookuups are (unless they are the same (?)) I don't think we have dn s running on our server, but not 100% sure.

  BigMoFoT 09:53 15 Mar 2005

OK then what about this file you loading from the server..?

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