XP Restore v GoBack

  Sapins 17:03 13 Oct 2003

I have Xp on a dual boot system with 98SE. I have disabled System Restore on XP in favour of GoBack. Does Restore keep the restore points after a defrag, unlike GoBack which virtually wipes out the history after defragging?



  musicman19 08:22 14 Oct 2003

In a word,Yes.
I run the same setup,ie Win98SE and XP Pro and the system restore works fine after defragging.
BTW I use Executive Softwares Diskkeeper as it is much faster than windows own.

  Jester2K II 08:32 14 Oct 2003

GoBack doesn't wipe out the history after a defrag!!!!

I've used GoBack for over a year (nearly 2!) and never noticed this!

I also use Diskeeper 7 too - so maybe the Windows built in defrag creates so much disk activity it creates a problem with Goback.

Note sometimes you might find that the Goback logging is suspended "due to intense Disk Activity". This might be what you are experiencing.

  Sapins 12:07 14 Oct 2003

Hi musicman19 and Jester2K II, thanks for responses. I appreciate Restore still works after defragging but, does it keep restore points already created? and yes, with GoBack logging is suspended "due to intense Disk Activity" but also you cannot "Go Back" at all after defragging. I hope my question is a little clearer now.



  Morpheus© 12:21 14 Oct 2003

as jester said, if after a de-frag go-back does not go back then something else is wrong, i have go-back and never has it lost it's ability to go-back...as for the "due to intense Disk Activity" that has come up on here before, and if you find the post by flecc he will tell you why..

  Jester2K II 12:23 14 Oct 2003

It appears that what is happening is that the defrag process is playing havoc with the Goback logging process.

As i said using Diskeeper i don't get this. I've Defragged and all restore points are available back to last Thursday.

Maybe it would be better to Disable Goback during the defrag? Right Click System Tray icon, Options, Disable GoBack. I think you then need to reboot. The defrag and re-enable Goback. This should prevent you loosing Restore Points.

At the end of the day Goback is infinitely better that System Restore.

Try using the Diskeeper Lite instead of the MS Defragger - click here

  Sapins 13:17 14 Oct 2003

Thanks for your input Morpheus© I have always assumed that losing the GoBack facility was the price you pay for defragging, GoBack then resumes logging and you can resume using it from that point.I will try to find the post by flecc to see if this solves the problem.

Jester2K II, I tried disabling GoBack and got a message saying the "History" would be wiped out! I am going to stick with GoBack but, I would like to sort out the problems with defragging.

Thank you all for your help.



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