XP remembering e-mail add's..

  [email protected] 17:56 10 Jul 2004

I recently typed an email address incorrectly when composing an email (resulting in a non delivery). Now when I compose I am prompted to choose from the correct or incorrect address. Is it possible to delete the incorrect address from the prompt and how is it done. Thanks.

  [email protected] 18:29 10 Jul 2004

Thanks whybe but its the address in the dropdown "suggestion" box I want to delete. I have no addresses in my Address Book as it's my contribution to avoid all these mass mailing cretins should I ever be infected. There must be somewhere in XP where I can go to delete these "remembered" addresses. I agree it's frustrating.

  [email protected] 18:44 10 Jul 2004

Thanks VoG™, perhaps it should but it doesn't !

  [email protected] 19:06 10 Jul 2004

No, in Outlook. (sorry for the delay - I am in and out tending the barby)

  [email protected] 19:15 10 Jul 2004

Correct with Outlook. Wait one while I check.

  [email protected] 19:21 10 Jul 2004

Yippee - Bingo. The chops are burning, the sausages are carbonised, the second aperitif is working well and the problem is sorted.
Thanks VoG™, very happy to have your help - again!

  [email protected] 19:26 10 Jul 2004

Well have one on me and I raise my glass of Bergerac to you and hope my teeth can cope with the hard bits. Cheers and thanks again.

  [email protected] 14:35 14 Jul 2004

Tip to All. To delete an incorrect email address from the dropdown list, highlight with the Up/Down arrows and NOT the mouse - then hit delete.

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