XP reinstall sticks at 11%

  gee drive 19:20 29 May 2007

I'm trying to reinstall XP on a friend's machine. It always hangs at 11%. I tried taking his c drive out and running an install on another machine and it was perfect.
I reset all the BIOS defaults.

Does this ring any bells?

  PhiltheFragger 19:24 29 May 2007

Could be the CD drive is being pedantic

try swapping that on your friends machine

  ashdav 19:42 29 May 2007

I've had this and it turned out to be the RAM.
If you've got two sticks try taking one out.

  ashdav 19:43 29 May 2007

Out of interest why are you reinstalling ?
What was the original problem ?

  gee drive 20:52 29 May 2007

Blue screen of death. Yep. Could be RAM Worth a check too.

  MAJ 21:23 29 May 2007

I find that if an install repeatedly fails at a certain point, it's usually a hard drive problem.

  SANTOS7 21:30 29 May 2007

Had the same thing only it stuck at 83% kept telling me my install disc was corrupt, took out one of my memory modules that i'd recently put in to upgrade and it worked perfectly.
it might be the place to start as ashdav has had the same problem...

  Robotic_Rob 21:39 29 May 2007

I use to get the blue screen of death. And on its own it use to reset every now and again. I swapped HDD's and the problems went away. But i suppose you can tell the health of the HDD with the noise it generates.

  ashdav 01:02 30 May 2007

If one of the RAM sticks (or a certain part of it if there's only one) is playing up then it will not show up until that particular volume of RAM is reached during the installation.
Repeated attempts at reinstall will result in failure at the same stage.
It can be misleading as the HDD maybe faulty as has been mentioned and this will give the same result.
As it's easier to replace RAM this should be the first thing to address.
A good indication of where the fault lies is that faulty RAM will cause the computer to freeze during intensive applications (video is a good example) whereas HDD failure usually causes the computer to fail to boot and is accompanied by mechanical noise.
This is only a rough guide and the best tool is to test by substitution.

  gee drive 17:40 30 May 2007

I think the problem was with the RAM. I found one stick that wouldn't allow anything. Another allowed the whole system to install. only 64Mb!

I'm going to find a diagnostics tool to excercise it but I think I'm there now. Thanks guys.

  ashdav 00:30 31 May 2007

To test your RAM (one stick at a time is best)click here
You need to copy this to a floppy and boot from it at start up.
Hope you've got a floppy drive.
If there's a fault it will usually show up within 30mins but the program will run forever unless you stop it.
For the paranoid amongst you it's usually enought to let it run overnight.
If you get any red (bad) results then the RAM is goosed.
Blue is good.

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