XP Registration

  Paulo1992 22:25 21 Apr 2008

Howdy Guyz

I recently installed a new installation of windows xp on to my machine because it was running rather slow.

Its all fast now however i have a problem. It keeps saying i have to register the copy of xp but it asks me for my details which i type in and then it says try again later because a connection could not be established. It gives me an alternative of phoning a hotline to register it. However i cannot really be bothered phoning a hotline because i can never understand the people.

Any help or ideas would be gratefully appreicated.


  brundle 22:32 21 Apr 2008

It's an automated line, no difficulty hearing or understanding what's said.

  ronalddonald 00:16 23 Apr 2008

Its high time u did ring them and sorted it out, because you get i think 28 days to sort it out.If u dont i think it will cease up and you wont be allowed to use it.

  Lee.C 00:36 23 Apr 2008

Just to confirm what ronalddonald said.... If you don't get it activated within 30 days, you won't be able to log into the desktop until you do.

Normally you only get the 'phone us' message if it's not happy about the activation key that's been used. I've never come across the connection problem before though (I assume this has been going on for more than a day?).

  Batch 09:21 23 Apr 2008

Is the PC that you've done the installation on actually connected to the Internet?

  Fingees 11:40 23 Apr 2008

It has to be activated, but you don't actually have to register it, that is voluntary.

If you don't activate it either by phone or internet, it will only work for 28 days.

  ventanas 12:23 23 Apr 2008

I assume we're talking activation here and not registration - there is no need to register, as has been said already. But if you don't activate within 30 days Windows will stop working. If you have no internet connection on the PC in question you must ring the number given. It's a simple automated process. You enter the product key for your copy of Windows via the telephone keypad, and they read back to you an activation key to enter on screen. As for understanding the person at the other end, as far as I can recall the last time I did this, many years ago, the accent was Australian, so you may have a problem :-))

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