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  rainwarrior 14:27 08 Sep 2003

Hi I had an advent computer bought for me a hile bk its runnin a 2.6gig p4 msi motherboard and windows xp I had too change the motherboard as the original went bye bye, and after installing new board im gettin harrased with the xp reg message i reinstalled with my recovery too no avail, can i get round this legit without usin win xp-anti spy as i am forced to use, i think its awfull that u run a legit version of xp change 1 bit of your sys and it thinks you r runnin your xp on someone elses machine, any help would be gr8 thanx

  Djohn 14:34 08 Sep 2003

You do not have to register XP, or give any personal details if you do not wish to. "Activation" is a a different and painless thing to do. Just click on "activate now" while you are on-line, you will see a message "Activation successful".

If for some reason it does not do as above, then phone the number given, explain your fitting of new board, you will be given a release code there ans then. Regards. j.

  Jester2K II 14:40 08 Sep 2003


Just activate it as usual. If you need to speak to MS explain the situation and they'll give you a new key.

You can't legally circumvent the activation process. Just do it and don't fear MS. They are not after you!!!

Oh and it depends on what bits you change if you need the reactivate. Different bit have different Points. Go over X points and you need to reactivate.

  rainwarrior 14:53 08 Sep 2003

the problem i got is that with my recovery disc it dosnt ask anywhere on installation for a cd key it seems to allready be inbuilt too the disc so it recovers thats it im on desktop and why i try too activate it, its comin up with invalid key, wich i cant change cause of the way it recovers :(

  Jester2K II 15:06 08 Sep 2003

You might have to speak to Advent first then.

See what they say.

  Djohn 15:11 08 Sep 2003

If you are trying to use a recovery disk with a new Motherboard then it won't work. The recovery disk is locked to your original board!

If you have managed to install XP to your PC, [Your first post seams to suggest you have] then you only need to "Activate it!

Do you see on-screen a window with boxes to type in your "Product Key"? If so, then windows is not yet installed. Again a phone call to microsoft will help.

Although it sounds as though you have a OEM version that should stay with the original PC specifications, they [Microsoft] will try to help if you explain it is still the same PC in all aspects, except you have had a major failure of the Board and had no choice but to change. Regards. j.

  rainwarrior 15:23 08 Sep 2003

K peeps thanx for the help, ill try advents helpline first then see what microsoft say , hopefully ill have a solution , thanx for all the help, its refreshin seeing open minded opinions here... :)

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