XP recovery issues

  rob_gould 15:56 30 Jun 2007

Hi all,

I'm trying to recover a corrupted windows (missing system file) for a friend from his laptop.

Before he asked me for help, he accidentally installed a second copy of windows whilst trying to recover.

Currently the following happens:

You can boot the second install of windows, but can't access his user folder in documents and setting. Error message is 'this folder is not accessbile'. The easiest solution here would be to find a way for us to access that folder, copy what he needs, then reformat the machine. Can this be done?

My plan B was to remove the laptop hard drive from his machine, and using an adapter, add it as the master device on ide channel 2 on my computer, then copy the files he needed and then reformat. Unfortunately, when I plug hs HD into my computer, it says it's unformatted, depsite the fact that it obviously isn't - it works in his laptop. Any idea why this might be happening?

To top the whole thing off, i know that it's possible to recover windows using the repair feature on the windows xp cd, but when we try and get in, it asks for the administrators password. He doesn't know what this is, and we've tried all the obvious stuff - hitting return, typing administrator etc and nothing has happened. So it appears that recovering the original windows install isn't going to happen.

I'm really stumped - any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


  howard64 16:04 30 Jun 2007

often the admin password is not set just press the enter key

  Totally-braindead 16:05 30 Jun 2007

I've got a desktop to fix with a similar sort of problem.
Two others have been at it and both have put on pirate copies of XP Pro despite it having an original copy of XP Home. The serial number is on the case but they got no restore or windows disk and the hidden partition with windows on it is not accessable. Theres also at least 6 viruses on it which I can't get rid off and they now have 2 copies of windows on it plus the hidden windows partition. Basically its a mess.
I am at present trying to borrow an original XP Home disk and will format the drive fully, probably using the tools from the drive makers. I'm unsure if this will work but there will be some sort of workaround and tools like Maxblast are invaluable for this sort of thing.
See who made the laptop drive and then see if there are tools available for it to download, thats what I am going to try first.

  beeuuem 16:48 30 Jun 2007

If you download click here burn a CD with this image it will allow you to change the password if you boot from the disk.

  beeuuem 16:59 30 Jun 2007

It may be that you need to take ownership of the folder/files. Try click here to see if that helps.

  rob_gould 17:43 30 Jun 2007

Hi beeuuem

thanks for your responses. the first link you've given doesn't work for soome reason. can you check and try again?

I'll pass on the info about your second link. I've seen the stuff about deselcting simple file sharing already, and for some reasson, thias doesn't appear in the advanced settings menu when i do my computer > tools > folder options.


  beeuuem 18:06 30 Jun 2007

Sorry about that. The correct link is click here

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