XP reboots on video capture

  pn1 05:03 16 Jul 2003

Since purchasing a Belkin DVD creator I can get image to the video software from my analogue camera but as soon as I try to capture video XP just instantly reboots. I have a Duron 800 machine with 512mb Ram and 120g hd - with video on board SiS on VIA chip - latest via 4in1 drivers - and have tried everything suggested by the Belkin tech including BIOS update (Asus V7VL-VM. Anyone got any clues as to what might be happening?

  y_not 05:36 16 Jul 2003

But XP has its own programme ... MovieMaker? ... could there be some sort of conflict?

I don't know because I don't use XP but seems a possible cause (don't know if there is an option to delete MovieMaker - or if you'd want to)

  wawadave 06:27 16 Jul 2003

sounds like driver issue. look in device manager.

I agree with wawadave in that it must be a driver. The "Reboot" actually sounds more like a crash or BSOD with windows rebooting after. Do you get any messages?

I would remove the Belkin DVD completely and then disable all Anti Virus and try another installation.

  User-312386 08:27 16 Jul 2003

what you could do is this

right click "MY Computer", select properties, now select the advanced tab

Now down the bottom, select the "Settings" button for "start up and recovery"

Now look down the list and un-tick the box that says "Automatically Restart"

This is a work around for the PC re-booting

  pn1 12:18 16 Jul 2003

Thanks some help so far - the last suggestion allowed me to see the BSOD - in summary the message (a very full screen) identified these areas:


STOP:0X000000D1 etc.


the last seeming to be the offender - yet I can't find it on the file list ... could that be the problem that a file expected is not present - perhaps reinstalling with virus off could help

  pn1 12:23 16 Jul 2003

found it cscamd20.sys is found in c:\windows\crescentec; and

and is listed as a system file ... any ideas?

  BillEmm 15:07 16 Jul 2003

Or thats what it appears.

I suggest you make sure you are using the latest driver/s and that they are the XP versions.

If you have the correct and up to date veriosn then I further suggest you uninstall and re-install the lot.

Just a thought.


  Rayuk 18:17 16 Jul 2003

Google search comes up with
click here

  Chegs ® 19:38 16 Jul 2003

click here

I would try one of these drivers(swapping it for the present)and if still crashing,try uninstalling the full app,then try using XP's MovieMaker,if the puter still bombs,then its not just the software install thats causing it.

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