xp rebooting continually!! Help

  DJ Si 23:42 05 Jan 2004

Hi, my computer runs windows xp and has suddenly started to reboot constantly. When I swithch on, I get a windows logo, not the xp screen, then the system reboots. This happens continually. I've tried goiong in under dos. It will let me access the a and cd rom drives, but not the c drive. I would like to avoid reformatting if poss. Anyone any ideas?

  DJ Si 14:41 06 Jan 2004


  Jester2K 14:44 06 Jan 2004


  Homer47 15:06 06 Jan 2004

Not sure if this is of help but had same problem on my daughters pc recently. It turned out to be a Trojan horse virus ...reboot.exe.

Ended up reformatting / reinstalling xp. Others more expert may advise a better option.

  Jester2K 15:24 06 Jan 2004

I would have booted into Safe Mode and then deleted the file and start up entry....

  Mysticnas 16:09 06 Jan 2004

fixed it?

I had a similar problem when i plugged my old webcam in. Xp kept rebooting just as yours did, until i unplugged the USB webcam.

I've since got a new webcam and it seems to be fine.

  Homer47 08:14 07 Jan 2004


In my case unfortunately safe mode was not accessable, the reboot process was a continual cycle, couldn't even get into bios.

  GOWRY 11:45 07 Jan 2004

installed a ASDL modem from DABS
since then XP keeps rebooting
and cannot uninstall
any help please

  Big Elf 11:49 07 Jan 2004

It's better to create your own thread. Some people may see this ticked as resolved and not read it.

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