XP reactivation from old computer to new.

  Ferantic 19:06 26 Oct 2004

I am building a brand new computer from scratch and have no intention of selling or otherwise disposing of my old one. Some of the components from the old machine will be installed in the new. Will I have to buy another copy of XP Home?

  Dorsai 19:11 26 Oct 2004

That will depend on how much of the old PC going into the new.

Xp activation uses what MS call a hardware hash. basically they work some sort of 'number' out, the first time it is activated, and this number is arrived at from the parts in the PC, and stored along with the product key.

As long as the 're-activation' number is 'close enough' to the old number it works.

click here for m/softs own description of how they work it out.

  bremner 19:14 26 Oct 2004

You will not have to buy another copy unless your original is OEM.

When you have built and installed XP, you will be asked to activate XP. If you are connected to the web this will be done automatically.

If this results in the reactivation being declined you will be given a number with which to contact MS. Tell them what you have done and they will give you a reactivation code to tap into the machine manually.

  Ferantic 19:54 26 Oct 2004

Thanks for your time and help.

  Giggle n' Bits 21:28 01 Nov 2004

Seriel No. Also if you change the Motherboard/Seriel Number & within 180 Days XP will not activate again.

  bremner 19:39 02 Nov 2004

Yes it will.

  pharte 22:20 02 Nov 2004

I've lost count the number of times I've reactivated my xp with microsoft.
As long as your details e.g. home address etc are the same they will issue you with a new activation code over the phone.

  polish 22:30 02 Nov 2004

i rebuilt my computer new mboard and graphics card but original drives and processor when activating xp had to phone ms for activation code but no problems other than that

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