XP re-installation issue

  George17 16:48 01 Oct 2008

Hi I am trying to re install XP home on Toshiba M30 laptop that belongs to my brother to rectify problem with 2 USB ports that no longer work. The laptop was purchase in 2004 from PCW with extended warranty that expires next year when I contacted PCW about failed USB they wanted me to reset the laptop to see if if resolved issue before they would arrange collection. In order to reset the laptop I would need recovery disk it came with. Unfortunately my brother had lost the disks that came with laptop.

PCW at first said that they could order me a replacement disk which I collect from local store. On second call to PCW they said that I would need to contact Toshiba directly to get replacement disk. When I contacted Toshiba was told that MS no longer supplied them XP.

As PCW no longer sells XP I have had to purchase from elsewhere which I recently did from a computer fair. The disk that I brought is a OEM version which seems legit, with product key. The problem I am having during re installation process it that when in setup I am given the option to either repair selecting the R button or install a fresh copy by selecting ESC or F3 to quit. However when pressing the ESC key nothing happens and only the repair or quit option works.

My question is do I have a dodgy (OEM) XP verion or is there something wrong with laptop that is stopping the ESC key from working. I have tried the repair option to see if it works and have verified product key online with MS which has worked so assume the XP disk is ok. I have looked for other threads but could not find ones with same problem but if there is one please can someone let me know. Any advice much appreciated.

  ventanas 16:54 01 Oct 2008

The disc is not legit, you can only install OEM if it is to a machine you have built yourself. It cannot be installed to an existing machine. You must obtain a retail version.
Having said that it should work, although you may encounter problems when you come to activate/validate the installation simply because it is an OEM disc.
My guess is you have a faulty keyboard. Can you still get into Windows to test it? You do not appear to have actually done anything yet.

  ronalddonald 17:27 01 Oct 2008

with Tosh computers Tosh supply their own xp software disc for the laptop in question. Ive gone throgh two Tosh Laptops both had toshiba xp diss. I would sugggest you contact Tosh again and tell them this.

Only your brother would remember whatkind of disc it was, as the disc would have the drivers on it as well as the xp software.

  ronalddonald 17:29 01 Oct 2008

cant see why PCW should order a disc since they had nothing to do with the pre installation of xp software plus the drivers only Toshiba are reposnible for this and only they can suppy the software.

  George17 20:19 01 Oct 2008

In reply to Ventanas:

I am a little relucate having to buy another XP OS but if this is the only way forward with installation then I'll have to. As I mentioned before I have tried the repair function during setup and that went thru ok and when the laptop restarted I was prompted to activate/validate which I did online without any problems. Is there any way to test buttons are working properly on keyboard? The laptop is still working as was,I can still get Windows.

I am wondering if it would be cheaper to buy a new HD and install the XP disk that I have already and get around it that way and possibly upgrade to larger HD at same time or buy a retail version as you suggest.

In reply to Ronalddonald:

1st message)I am not sure how far I am going to get with Toshiba as they were pretty adamant that they could not supply XP recovery disk because MS withdrew support when I first spoke to them.

2nd message)At one point the PCW helpdesk person said that Toshiba would not send recovery disks to individuals and that they was need to be ordered by the the in-store Tech Guy at PCW. I was told to take my laptop to my local PCW store so they could scan/copy the bottom of my laptop and fax it to Toshiba as proof. So I took my laptop to local store and the Tech Guy took a photocopy of laptop and phone Toshiba himself to get fax number. When he spoke to Toshiba they asked him to read the serial no. and on the laptop and it was at that point they told him that they no longer supplied XP recovery disks.

Not being able to get disk directly or via PCW left me with no other option but to acquire XP myself.

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