Xp re-installation error/crash! help! :(

  Darthchaffinch 08:50 27 Mar 2010

Formatting hd and reinstalling xp; booted from reinstall cd after restart- now is hung on the partitioin/format screen! Please help!

I've got a faint feeling btw that Dell have sent me xp pro instead of XP 'home' which we had before...

  Darthchaffinch 09:29 27 Mar 2010

thanks Marg!! Yes- it worked up to this point- shall I see if I can plug it in 'old-style'?

  Darthchaffinch 09:45 27 Mar 2010

i can't! aargh!!

  Darthchaffinch 09:45 27 Mar 2010

i can't! aargh!!

  Sea Urchin 09:58 27 Mar 2010

Best not to hot-swap your PS/2 keyboard

  Darthchaffinch 10:20 27 Mar 2010

thanks for replying- i restarted after plugging it into a back port (the dell 5150 doesn't have ps/2 ports!!) - is all hunky dory for now.....

  Darthchaffinch 10:27 27 Mar 2010

check back later for more issues!! :D (probably...!)

Thanks for your advice.

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