XP question

  daisy2bell 09:22 19 Feb 2004

Some months ago I was given a computer.
Originaly the previous owner had win98se from new, but upgraded to xp home.
I dont know why, but for some reason I installed xp again, and now when starting the computer up I get asked which version I want.
Is there anyway that I can delete the 2nd install of xp and keep the the one that was originaly installed.
Or better still can I revert to win98se and do a clean xp install over it

  Diodorus Siculus 09:25 19 Feb 2004

Better still, format the hdd and install WinXP from scratch - if you have an upgrade version of XP you will need the Win98 CD to show eligibility for the upgrade.

  daisy2bell 09:33 19 Feb 2004

How do I format the hdd

  zigg 09:35 19 Feb 2004

It sounds like you have created two versions of xp on two seperate partitions on your hard drive, by the sounds of it, one upgrade version and one clean full install. If you want to get rid of one version I think you will have to format your hard drive and reinstall xp as the previous message said.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:36 19 Feb 2004

Reboot with the WinXP cd in the drive and follow the instructions.

Note: you will lose all your data so make a backup of everything you need - documents, address book, favourites, emails, cookies, and so on. click here for details of backing up.

click here

click here

  daisy2bell 09:55 19 Feb 2004

Reboot with the WinXP cd in the drive and follow the instructions.

Does this mean that I will end up with 1 but completely new version of xp with no trace of the other 2

  jgosden 10:20 19 Feb 2004

yes it should because everything already on the hard drive is removed and then your installing xp from scratch

  Stuartli 11:07 19 Feb 2004

To make life easier in future keep a backup copy of XP on your HDD.

Saves having to keep inserting the XP disk when looking for files etc.

  daisy2bell 13:02 19 Feb 2004

I'm trying to do an install now, but it only gives me the option to do either an upgrade or full install. Which one do I select

  Radius 13:30 19 Feb 2004

You need to reboot, with the xp cd in your drive, your pc then should boot from the cd, then, delete both of your previous partions and then reformat and partition your drive.

  Radius 13:31 19 Feb 2004

oh and make sure you've backed up any important files. :)

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