Xp and publishing to my website.

  Derek 08:08 18 Dec 2003

Looked hard in the XP help and support but find it cannot assist so......can you assist or direct me.

I'm a webmaster and want to update our charity organisation website. Done all the work as usual in MS Publisher, saved it correctly and got it ready for sending it to the server. But I can't.

I used to have Win ME and all things were easy and did it all regularly, but I've moved up to XP Pro and I'm having trouble.
Got in touch with the help department of MS Publisher and the 'helper' told me what to do but it dosn't work ! Got back to him and he advised getting in touch with the help department of XP, but I find it a minefield.

I get to a stage where XP says to me "on the left side of the window,under Files and Folders, click on Publish This Folder to the Web" and this I do.

Then it tells me to follow the steps for the "Web Publishing Wizard". This I do and finish up with one option and that is to publish to "MSN Groups".

I don' t want to do any such thing since I want to publish to my server or whatever he's/its called.

Please offer advice or direct me to an MS help site.

Kindest regards DM

  Forum Editor 08:22 18 Dec 2003

with this problem in our WebDesign forum, and I'll move your thread there now.

  Derek 08:37 18 Dec 2003

Thank you Forum Editor for the very prompt reply.
Sorry to burdon you but how do I get to where this WebDesign forum is please.

  Forum Editor 08:38 18 Dec 2003

it's obvious that you've published this site from MS Publisher before. Installing Windows XP shouldn't have any effect on the way that Publisher works - the publishing method should be the same as it was. It isn't WinXP that's telling you "on the left side of the window ....etc" it's Publisher.

Your account of how the Microsoft Publisher help desk was not able to resolve the issue leads me to believe that your copy of Publisher has somehow become corrupted, and therefore I'm guessing that you installed WinXP over the top of Windows ME. Experience has shown that this can often lead to problems, and that the best way is to do a clean install of Windows XP. You don't mention which version of Publisher you're using, but see if there's an option to 'Detect and repair' when you click on Help in the toolbar. If there is, click on it and let Publisher find any faults and repair them - you'll need to have the CD in the drive when you do this.

  Forum Editor 08:40 18 Dec 2003

when it comes to web design by the way, and if you plan to work with your site on anything like a regular basis you might find it a worthwhile exercise to learn to use one of the dedicated web design programs like Microsoft FrontPage, or NetObjects Fusion. Bothe programs are relatively easy to get to grips with, and you would find the results worth the effort.

  Derek 08:44 18 Dec 2003

Thank you once again and I'll take note of all you say.

  Derek 09:41 18 Dec 2003

Sorry to keep bothering you.
I've done a repair proceedure with Publisher.
and I'm still no further forward.
Please let me explain the precise movements and results which leads me to believe that I have a 'shortfall' on XP Pro !

Having prepared and opened my folder called "WA Website 2", I click on the boxed items to the left called "Publish This Folder to the Web" and this I do.
I now get a box which says "Welcome to Web Publishing Wizard" Press Next and this I do.

I'm invited to select "All" and Next and this I do.

I arrive at a box which asks "Where do you want to publish these files ?" and below this I have just one Blued choice which states "To share with MSN Groups".

This is no good to me obviously since I wish to publish to my Website !

  Taran 10:07 18 Dec 2003

Web Publishing under XP does direct you to a .NET passport service (a la MSN Groups).

Who is your ISP or web host ?

You will probably have to FTP the files to your site and most hosts have detailed instructions on their support pages on how to do this.

If you open Publisher and click on Help then ask how to "publish to web" you get instructions on using Web Folders, FTP file uploads and local folder publishing as well.

I'd imagine that you will have to find out from your web host what your FTP settings are and go that road.

Post if you are lost on this and we'll try and help further.

  Derek 14:47 18 Dec 2003

Thank you Taran, I really do'nt know what an FTP is and find things so confusing...so what have I done..which I shouldn't have to do really !

A took a floppy copy of the web files from my XP machine and then loaded them to my old ME PC.
I connected the BB connection to the old ME PC and followed the normal proceedure of using the Web Publishing Wizard under Accessories.
It's worked perfectly, but for the life of me, I cannot understand why this proceedure should be so daunting on XP.And, not readily available.
Our Forum Editor advised me that using MS Publisher is a poor way to build a website, but I must say that I find it very simple and 'it certainly aint broke' as the saying goes.

I do accept that dedicated programmes must be better but quite honestly, I'm not trying win medals in quality productions.
Your further comments would be more than welcome.
Kindest regards to all DM.

  Taran 15:01 18 Dec 2003

Windows XP has 'moved on' from prior versions and while most of the improvements are superb some of them are not as globally helpful as they might be. Enter the Web Publishing Wizard.

FTP is File Transfer Protocol and is the standard method of publishing a web. In fact, the Web Publishing Wizard uses FTP to publish for you, but it takes most of the headaches out of the process and minimises your input.

There are very real disadvantages to using Publisher for a web. It produces some pretty awful underlying code, lots of graphic content (slows page load times) and can make things inconvenient at times.

On the other hand, it's drop dead easy to use and if your needs are modest it will produce usable output, although not necessarily ideal output.

You have to remember that Publisher is, as the name suggests, a DTP (desktop publishing) application. It is meant for preparing printed output, but has an option to save as web.

A dedicated web authoring program offers far more in terms of quality and flexibility of output, but has a learning curve that you may not want to go through if Publisher meets your current needs.

You can do more with the right tools than you can by using the wrong ones and I think you will find that is the crux of Forum Editors point regarding other software programs.

All of the medium to high end DTP packages offer options to save for the web but some of them, until recently, converted the page(s) to GIF graphics files. Obviously this slows page load speeds to a crawl if a body of text is loaded as an image, as wll as causing lots of other issues on different resolutions screens.

You will very possibly find that you outgrow the capabilities of Publisher quite quickly since it is so comparatively limited. And a dedicated web authoring program would also take care of your web publishing issues since all good web editors have built in publishing from the main program window. You finish your web and click on File, Publish Web or similar, depending on the program. It asks for your domain name, username and password and everything goes up to your web space.

As long as you have your current issue sorted out, all seems well, but for future use under XP you may have to look at an FTP program and learn how to use one. If that is the case, feel free to post back and one of us will give you some web links for downloads and so on.



  Derek 08:36 19 Dec 2003

My sincere thanks Taran for your descriptive and educative contribution. I am aware of the time and trouble both you and others have taken to sort this out for me.
I will, in due course make every effort to get to grips with a website production using a dedicated programme and do this as you suggest.
The organisation I belong to and I'm the communications officer for is The Rotary Club of Warwick Avon. We have to be seen to and do not spend charity money on any of the items that would enhance our efforts. Instead we make use of personal recources and keep to our ideal that all money that's collected for charity, goes to charity.
Again my thanks to you all and my kindest regards Derek Miles.

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