xp program delays etc

  johnnyrocker 19:22 16 Sep 2014

i have the above system which has all the relevant updates etc, the most irritating problem i have is that when one loads a program the machine gives the impression of stalling, using windows task manager says not responding, this happens when going from any program to another, ending program and selecting it again works much faster and more like it used to, any suggestions re a possible cure? much appreciated


  Peter 00:34 17 Sep 2014


Have you got your computer set to automatically download updates? If so try setting it so that you check for updates when you want and download when you want, don't let Windows try to take over and do it when it wants to.


  spuds 11:11 17 Sep 2014

Perhaps off subject slightly, but regarding XP updates. Microsoft stopped issuing these some time back to the 'normal' user, but still continues to update computers who use XP on special contract agreements with Microsoft, like the NHS and similar authorities.

In some computer press recently, there have been mention of 'unofficial' XP rescue packs, which the experts say the public shouldn't download, because the contents of the packs are suspect. The actual pack is called ' Unofficial Service Pack 4' developed by a Greece-based developer, known as Harkaz.

Going back on the original request, run a few scan's, like CCleaner 'start-up', plus malaware programmes, if you have then installed. Like Jock1e suggests, it could be a programme running in the background on start-up.

  johnnyrocker 13:06 17 Sep 2014

thank you for the suggestions so far but the problem is any program i start up gets the same issue and a couple of minutes later starts working.

thanks johnny

  BillSers 08:39 18 Sep 2014

Maybe worth running a sfc or repair.

  johnnyrocker 15:47 18 Sep 2014

i do not have defender on board i have 124 gig free on hd.will give cleaner a run and hope it dont wipe out password etc.

thanks for continuing help

  rdave13 20:50 18 Sep 2014

Ccleaner will remove cashes, history and passwords unless you google how to disable some parts of cleaning. Worth noting, though, that it's never a good idea to 'save' passwords in the browser for obvious reasons. As for Windows updates I still receive the 'malicious tool' update on XP on auto and Microsoft has fixed the issue of it using the CPU's resources.

As for your problem check your security program in case it's over active.

Check Task Manager for the processes and performance. Also see what applications are running.

Lastly, run Malwarebytes antimalware on full scan in case you've picked up a bug.

  johnnyrocker 19:36 19 Sep 2014

i ran cc cleaner which has provided much better improvement. thanks to all for efforts


  johnnyrocker 18:29 20 Sep 2014

apologies to be back folks but what appeared fixed by cc cleaner has returned sorry over zealous in ticking as cured


  rdave13 18:51 20 Sep 2014

Have you got a security program that's set to scan active programs and start-up files?

  johnnyrocker 21:26 20 Sep 2014

thanks for asking but i have no start up programs, problem can occur any time of opening a program


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