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  sdf 22:29 31 Aug 2003

We run a home network of 5 PCs all running (legitimate) copies of Windows 2000 Professional as well as various MS Office Suites. I am looking at in the very near future purchasing a laptop with XP professional as the OS. I have been assured of the compatibility but what worries me is all this talk of Microsoft interrogating our network. I?ve talked about this with many people, staff at PC World (big help they were!?!), friends etc and no one seems to be able to answer my question. Is XP professional spy ware as XP Home is? I know I have nothing to worry about as we own the copies of windows and office; I just really don?t like the idea of Microsoft being able to waltz onto my system/network at will and extract information of their choosing. Also does XP Professional require online activation as Home does? If someone who knows the answers to these questions could let me know ASAP I?d REALLY appreciate it!

Kind Regards


  Steve N 22:35 31 Aug 2003

Well I'm not sure where you get the idea that XP Home/Pro might be spyware. If you do submit anything to them for updates etc then it is not personally identifable and even it it was I think it would go against privacy laws for MS to use it. (but what do they care!)

Anyway. XP Pro requires online/telephone activation. You can get corporate keys which don't need activating but if you buy a copy in a shop then i'm 99.9% certain it will be internet activated.

XP is much like 2000. So there should be no network compatability issues. Although I find networks work best when all the PCs have the same OS for some reason.

  spuds 22:46 31 Aug 2003

Just like to mention, that if you look up the necessary Microsoft terms and conditions. The buyer doesn't actually own the product.(;o(

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