XP Problems again

  Pau1JB 19:58 05 Nov 2003

I installed xp on my partationed hard drive and for some reason, it named the ntfs part for xp as H:\, even though it was it the front, and win 98 was at the back. why. how can i fix the h to a c or if i reinstall will it take up c this time.



Xp will take the next available letter and its position on the drive has no bearing on that.

If you have data on the present C partition then the registry has all of its paths set to C for data or programs on that partition.

With XP you can change the drive letter easily but it is time consuming because each drive that you change has to have all of the registry entries that referred to its old letter changed to the new letter.

You can automate it to an extent by using programs like Drivemapper from Powerquest but is it really worth it.

The only recommendation that I would make is that from a new disk situation, once you have installed the OS on the first partition then you should change the drive letter(s) of the CD drives to Z (and Y if you have two) because each new partition that you subsequently make would otherwise have pushed the CD drive letters back by one with all sorts of problems within the registry. The work in the registry is minimal if done as soon as the OS has been installed.

Sorry I could not be more helpful.

  VoG II 22:35 05 Nov 2003

Taken as an extract from the link provided by VoG to highlight the warnings inherent in my earlier post. My comments are interspersed in brackets.

'Before you modify drive-letter assignments, note the following items:

Changing the drive letter of the system volume or the boot volume is not inherent to Disk Management. (You can not change the C partition to another letter)

Many MS-DOS-based and Windows-based programs make references to a specific drive letter, for example - environment variables. If you modify the drive letter, these programs may not function correctly. (unless you change the registry entries as well)'

The only other way that I can think of to force a C to your XP partition is by using Bootmagic from Powerquest and setting up a dual boot scenario where the Win98 partition, the current C, is hidden from view.

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