XP problem connecting to net help please

  bof:) 23:06 04 Mar 2004

Hi All,

I've had a phone call from brother in law this evening saying when he tries to get onto the net he gets a cannot find page message.

I understand that the last time the pc was used, when it was turned off there was a message saying something like 'computer being used by another, are you sure you want to shut down?'. He ticked yes and the pc shut down.

He is using windows XP and NTL as his server. I've checked the NTL website and they report no server problems.

He says he gets he icon to say he is connected to the net (broadband) but gets a page not found when he tries to connect to any webpage.

He has also had an error message about either Internet Explorer or Outlook Express error, I'm not sure which.

Because I do not use XP can someone please suggest any possible causes of this, I know there could be many.

I understand that XP has error reporting pages and self diagnostic? programs could some please let me know where I can find these as I've offered to go and have a look tomorrow for him. It would be very helpful if I had something to work with.

many thanks,



  LastChip 23:57 04 Mar 2004

Has it got up to date anti-virus software, an active firewall or any anti-spy-ware programs?

If that message is accurate, and he isn't on a network, I would suspect a trojan, virus, or even a hacker using the machine. Not necessarily to "rob" your brother in law, but maybe as a relay for spam or spreading virus's.

A good scan for any suspicious files must be a first port of call, and if the family use it on sites like Kazaa, you might as well accept your in for a format and re-install!

As regards XP's logging facilities, they may provide a clue and can be found via Control Panel; Administration; Computer Management, but are much more geared to recording system failures and malfunctions, rather than malicious programs.

  curlylad 23:57 04 Mar 2004

The computer being used by another could be that more than one user profile/configuration on your PC and it is saying that damage can occur on all the accounts if the PC is not shut down properly.
As for the other problem sometimes firewalls can conflict with another utility by trying to use the same port.Try one by one disabling programs on start up until you stop getting that message.

  PEEBLESHIREMAN 00:09 05 Mar 2004

I use xp myself and have had this problem before or one very much like it athough i use aol.i found clearing the internet cache in internet settings in control panel ,clear history and perhaps delete cookies,it helped me hope it helps you,also make sure its set to the right isp and always dial my default connection is ticked.

  Muckle 00:45 05 Mar 2004

He could try rebooting the modem - with the PC off remove power from modem leave for 30sec replace power leave for 2-3mins then switch on pc.
This has worked on my NTL connection in the past?

  hugh-265156 01:09 05 Mar 2004

is this an ethernet connection or usb?

check his firewall is configured to allow internet exploere and outlook express etc access.

also try conrtol panel/performance and maintenance/network connections/local area connection/support click repair

  hugh-265156 01:15 05 Mar 2004

ps.is this all pages or only one or two?icouldnt access pca for most of last week due to an ntl problem(well i think it was)

also try click here (username and password = root) to see if the modem is working ok.

  bof:) 09:05 05 Mar 2004

Hi All,


his pc has the free version of Zone Alarm and Nortons Antivirus checker. The Antivirus checker was installed early February and updated then.

Nothing like kazza etc is being used.


are you saying he has to cancel users configeration, reboot and put user configerations back?


I'll clear out all of the cashe's as you suggested. Where do I look to check the ISP information?


that was the first thing we attempted after checking on the NTL site that they had no server problems in our area.


not sure, but I think its USB (may be wrong). I'll do all you've suggested. I did wonder if it was possible that he could have installed Zone Alarm and left XP's firewall on.


  curlylad 10:14 05 Mar 2004

No , I don't mean cancel it , but sometimes when you have a problem and you wish to shut down your PC , and there are two or more people logged on to that PC at the time it simply asks you if you wish to log off both users from administrators account , you may loose information still running with the other users account.

One other thing is if you are running zone alarm and XP's firewall is still on board then I would suggest that it is definately contributing to your problem.I had a similar scenario that was fixed by getting rid of XP's firewall in favour of zone alarm.

Also Norton we hear time and time again can take a dislike to other programs.Down remove it , just shut it down after installing AVG 6.0 then run system with AVG to see if you get the same problems.

  curlylad 10:51 05 Mar 2004

See if this page is any good to you,
click here

  curlylad 11:01 05 Mar 2004

Also have you tried configuring an extra email account to see if that works click here If after doing this the new account works then you know your other account(s) are configured incorrectly.

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