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  conrail 15:52 03 Jul 2006

a friend is having to format his pc but cannot find his installation/recovery disc he received with his pc, I understand he could use somebody else's disc with the installation number from the label on his pc, before I lend him my disc which is XP Pro, his version was XP Home, will my disc and his number still work together?
all help gratefully accepted

  ed-0 16:03 03 Jul 2006


  conrail 16:06 03 Jul 2006

thanks ed-0, I thought not but thought I will ask before going ahead, he will have to find someone with the correct version unless he can possibly contact microsoft and see what they say, they should have his details registered with themselves

  jz 22:05 03 Jul 2006

I'm not even sure if all copies of XP Home will install on another PC. Some are specific to a particular manufacturer (eg Dell). It's annoying, but that's the way it is.

I once had a computer that was pre-installed with Windows XP Home (legal copy) but came with no disk. So when the hard disk went faulty, I had a problem.

  woodchip 22:11 03 Jul 2006

XP files come from MS not DEl or any other they are all the same

  ade.h 22:16 03 Jul 2006

OEM CDs can be customised for a particular manufacturer. I think that's what jz is referring to. My HP laptop has a customised copy of XP Pro, with which you get the HP version of Help and Support and a few other changes/additions.

  woodchip 22:20 03 Jul 2006

The XP CD is the same just some things are left off like extras, and they put there own logo on the CD. I have Medion ones as well as restore disc' for same computers

  ade.h 23:07 03 Jul 2006

It's a bit more than that in my case, Woodchip. As I said, mine has some of the extra HP software on it - the bits that are really core components as far as the laptop's function is concerned, plus the modified Help section, desktop theme, etc. It all appears after a clean install, apart from some of the other more optional apps which come on the HP DVD.

  ed-0 06:26 04 Jul 2006

I have a couple of HP's OEM XP home DVD's. They are slightly different to Microsofts commercial OEM disks.

As you say.

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