XP Pro Two Progs to Boot Into?

  Dumfy 18:04 12 Sep 2005

Hi All,

A friend of mine has just had his PC returned from the repair(?) shop and has a boot issue with it.

It's not so much a problem as an inconvenience. When the PC boots, it gives him a choice of which OS to boot into. If he picks the first one, the system crashes, but boot OK if the second is selected.

I think it's something to do with the boot.ini file and would like to know how I can delete the OS that is corrupted so that only the know good one is available and the PC boots into it automatically.

Any ideas?

Thanks in anticipation..


  mattyc_92 18:10 12 Sep 2005

What options does he have (to select to boot)?

  Dumfy 19:21 12 Sep 2005

Only one is labelled - the one that works and he has to arrow down to it.

The faulty one is correctly labelled and is the one I'd like to delete from the boot menu.


  Dumfy 19:23 12 Sep 2005

The line above should read INcorrectly labelled and just has Windows XP showing...

  BRYNIT 19:49 12 Sep 2005

Why not take it back to the shop that did the repair to correct the problem.

  jack 20:10 12 Sep 2005

I posed this one only a couple of days ago 'cos I have 3 choices 1dud and 2 good
The advie passed to ne on this can be found

click here

I have yet to try any - with an inclination to let sleeping dogs lay. If it cause no trouble then treat it as another 'Windoze' quirk

  Dumfy 21:06 12 Sep 2005

..I guess what I'm looking for is what a correct boot.ini file should look like once it's created (in Notepad) and in which Windows folder to save it.

It's a standard system with XP Pro installed on C: and is not multi-booting. Just running with XP only.



  Dumfy 21:49 12 Sep 2005


  Thalmus 23:03 12 Sep 2005

Rgiht-click my computer, select preperites, select advanced tab, click the setting button in start up and reovery

In the drop down box at the top, select your working boot option as the default. This should automatically select the working boot option when you computer starts

Change the "time to display boot option" to about 2 seconds, (don't disable it incase it doesn't work and then you will be screwed), once you detertmined that it will automatically select the correct option at startup then you can disable it.

Hope this helps

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