xp pro trashed usb-gone back to me

  holly polly 22:06 04 Dec 2003

hi purchased xp pro ,tried installing it on my amd athlon ,512mb sd ram ,ndvidia 32mb ddr graphics.
installed ok ,also installed sp 1a as instructed by aol bb as you cannot connect until sp 1a is installed ,followed installation of aol to letter ,connected to net and the damm thing crashed the usb ,no output ,modem stopped working ,uninstalled the modem and aol ,reinstalled ,no joy ,i think it must be a power problem ,coz also had problems shutting down ,messed about with the power settings in bios ,still no joy ,in the end gave up ,reformatted and went back to good old me ,installed no problem ,no shutdown problems ,power factors a ok ,everyone is encouraging you to go xp ,all i got was a major headache and a os that cost me a arm and a leg which i cant use -any suggestions chaps?-regards-hol pol...

  Terrahawk 23:32 04 Dec 2003

try installing xp then use manufacturers drivers for usb should be on the disk with your mobo drivers if not try manufacturers web site i have found the drivers supplied with xp arn't always the best

  critic-al 23:58 04 Dec 2003

Hi,first of all let me sympathize with you,i also had major problems,with my 1st installation of xp,some 2 years ago ,and then went back to the very unstable WIN ME,and put up with its little tantrums like no restore etc,until someone from this site kindly pointed me to the correct way to install xp pro,there is no doubt in my mind now that xp installed correctly,is the finest operating system since home pc's became available,
I have since installed xp on numerous computers,and to this date not one complaint has come back,if you wish me to help you please e-mail me.good luck

  A_World_Maker 00:05 05 Dec 2003

with all USB device drivers, you have to install the software BEFORE you install the hardware.

Create a Restore point just before doing so, and XP will whinge less about the drivers not being XP compatible.

XP isn't perfect.... but it can be stable if treated correctly... and you dont get any (rushes to touch real wood) blue screens.

  Djohn 00:06 05 Dec 2003

Hi holly polly, a little confused, you say you've just purchased XP Pro. It should have SP1 already included on the CD. Has been for the best part of this year. j.

  holly polly 20:50 05 Dec 2003

any suggestions greatfully recieved-hol pol...

  [email protected]@m 21:27 05 Dec 2003

No idea of the problem, but this will bump you into prime time!

critic-al, please don't invite private email solutions. It doesn't achieve anything other than leaving others 'in the classroom' from seeing the solution.

  Djohn 22:20 05 Dec 2003

If you want to try again,just do a clean install with the XPsp1 Cd. No need to install version "a" on top, in fact that may be the cause of the problem. AOL only require sp1 to be installed. Regards. j.

  holly polly 10:31 06 Dec 2003

gday djohn ,wether or not my xp pro is a old one or not dont know ,but no ,sp1 with it ,would have to get on line and download it ,my aol bb pack came with sp1a and instructions to install before installing bb and aol ,do you suggest that this is the root of the problem,should i get sp1 from aol etc -regards -hol pol....

  Djohn 15:29 06 Dec 2003

Can you borrow a copy of XP with SP1 already on the CD? Try an install from that, using your own Product key from the CD you already have. This will bypass the need for a long download.

also there are a couple of hotfix numbers on the service "a" pack or from microsoft download section that do cause a problem with AOL, their help advisers will ask you to remove them if you are having problems.

Can you do another check on your XP CD to make sure it doesn't already have SP1 built in? If it's there then it's built into the rest of the program and not a separate disk. On installation it will show up as XP Pro. SP1. j.

  Djohn 15:33 06 Dec 2003

Although AOL stipulate SP1 must be installed for the connection to work, you definitely don't need SP1a. j.

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