XP Pro System Restore

  Parsley 16:55 01 Aug 2003

My computer has recently started crashing a lot (an awful lot) and I cannot identify what it is. I'm 90% sure it's driver related as various sys file keep being named on the blue screen of death. Any way to cut a very long story short I decided to do a system restore to a time when I knew it was stable. However, on trying to restore several different restore points the puter went through all the motions and finally advised unable to restore on each attempt. Ouch!. In deperation I reverted to a Ghost image and restored the drive. As long as I don't stress the computer (games/sound & graphics) all seems well but put it under pressure and it crashes.

Why is system restore failing and any ideas on the all too frequent crashes? - Thanks

  Satmansq 17:08 01 Aug 2003

Some Windows Updates among probably a million other things are irreversible, despite a restore point being set.

I had a problem similar to yours which turned out to be an out dated BIOS, as there is no system info it is impoossible to tell whether this has any bearing on your problem.

If you can remember anything that you installed Updates, Software or Hardware prior to the PC crashing problem, it could be a good place to start looking for the cause.

Good Luck

  The Transporter 17:11 01 Aug 2003

Could you please give a brief spec of your pc.

It maybe lack of cooling. PCU getting to hot. Make sure all cables are connected properly and none are loose etc.

With the actual drivers, if you believe this to be the problem try using driver rollback under the device manager.

Also go to STart - RUn and then type DXDIAG and then navigate to all the sound tabs. Slide the moving tab from full acceleration to Standard acceleration as this will turn off EAX. Will free up some resources etc. then try playing games.

If all else fails try a reinstall. Install just the basics to get a game going. Then install one thing at a time while using system restore to create check points. Then through trial and eror you will be able to work out what is causing the trouble.

One last thing. Do you have onboard sound on your mobo as well as a sound card. Make sure the onboard sound is disabled in the bios if you have an external card fitted


  Parsley 22:58 01 Aug 2003

Thanks to both of you for all the suggestions. When I got in I uninstalled my graphics card (hercules 4000XT Kyro) and knicked the one from my sons computer to try that (GEforce MX2 Nvidia) and put mine in his!!
Mine worked straight away in his after installing the drivers but the GEforce seemed dead in mine. After a bit of fiddling it worked and up to know - some 4 hours later - all seems well (fingers crossed). Possibly the card had come a little loose and/or perhaps some driver conflict as I did have a problem upgrading the kyro driver a while ago and even after the roll back I still got the problems.
Thanks anyway and I trust all will be ok now.

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