xp pro suddenly stops

  johnnyrocker 08:34 12 Dec 2003

three times last night my machine literall without any warning just froze with no functionality, looking at the application logs in management i appear to be having a progressively worse problem since mid nov with true vector engine in that the errors were every few days increasing to four last night and two this morning, any ideas folks?


  User-312386 08:35 12 Dec 2003

does the sytem restart?

  johnnyrocker 08:37 12 Dec 2003

yes if i press restart button eveerything runs ok again.


  alcudia 08:39 12 Dec 2003

I just type true vector engine into Google. Got 1000's of hits. Suggest you try it as you will have more idea what is relative.

  johnnyrocker 08:51 12 Dec 2003

thanks for that, it would appear to be a zone alarm prob but i am not sure if that is what is causing the 'hanging' i did upgrade to za pro 4.5 recently maybe that is the prob?


  christmascracker 08:54 12 Dec 2003

True Vector engine is Zone Alarm firewall if that's any help

  johnnyrocker 09:02 12 Dec 2003

thanks christmascracker but as i say not sure if it is causing the hanging? debating about using system restore.


  christmascracker 09:06 12 Dec 2003

Worth a try.

I run ZA and sometimes get errors showing up in event viewer, doesn't cause system to freeze though

  johnnyrocker 09:11 12 Dec 2003

my thoughts as well, however i also noticed since last night none of my videos in kazaa will play visually, i get sound but blank screen (associated?)


I started having problems after upgrading ZoneAlarm too, but the free version.

click here

I was getting the true vector problems and blank screens. Stopped ZoneAlarm running and the problem hasn't re-appeared in nearly a week.

  johnnyrocker 09:37 12 Dec 2003

seems to be the area of my probs but was concerned that i might have a worse prob developing.


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