XP Pro Start/Prog menu too big

  willow19 18:16 16 Apr 2006

The Start/Programs menu on my PC when fully extended is almost three full columns, with only about 20% of the third column visible. Many of the progs I use only very rarely so am happy to start them from Explorer or whatever.

Can anyone advise me how to remove items that are excess to requirements. I have tried Start/Settings/Taskbar and Start Menu but that has only a few of the items.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:20 16 Apr 2006

MAke folders and put them into folders named specifically for certain items.

eg Folder name "Protection" and drag all antivirus and antispam and malware progs to the folder.

or just
start - programs, right click each entry and select delete.

  Coff 18:35 16 Apr 2006

As above, but ome of your folder and application shortcut names must be quite long. If you shorten these your columns would use less width on your screen and you would then get a complete third and fourth column.

The locations of the folder and application shortcuts are C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs and C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Start Menu\Programs.

Alternatively, right click the Start button and click on Properties, Customise, Advanced. Under "Start Menu Items" tick "Scroll Programs". This will give you one column which you can scroll up and down.

  willow19 23:08 16 Apr 2006

Thank you for the replies, but it ain't that easy.

Right clicking on a menu item has no effect at all: W98SE used to let me delete or rename the entries in such fashion, but not XP Pro!

There is only one long title in all of the menus, but all three columns are the same width. The name is already a directory so how can I shorten it?

In case it makes any difference I am only running SR1 - I had conflict problems with SR2.

  Stuartli 23:25 16 Apr 2006

If you right clock on individual entries in the Programs list, you can choose to Delete it from the menu as already stated by Fruit Bat /\0/\.

I use XP Pro and it works OK for me - I delete Programs that I can access by other means such as Desktop or QuickLaunch icons.

  VoG II 06:24 17 Apr 2006

Right click the Start button, Explore all users.

Create some new folders - call them what you like - and drag the existing folders into them.

  €dstowe 06:48 17 Apr 2006

If, as you say, "Right clicking on a menu item has no effect at all" and that "I am only running SR1 - I had conflict problems with SR2" then this indicates a fundamental problem with your Windows installation.

SP2 (I assume this is what is meant) only causes problems on Windows with some corruption of the installation.

As the computer behaves differently to others with this (apparently minor) problem then there is a distinct possibility that other, more serious errors, are waiting to make themselves known.

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