XP Pro Search results incorrect

  Tj_El 19:36 13 Jun 2005


Hope someone can help me here. Got a new laptop with XP Pro installed (SP2). Previous laptop run Win2K Pro.

My problem is that previously I was able to search for files that contained a string of characters in Win2K. The files were sourced from another system and were named in the format "name.txt.sequence number". Win2K had no problem searching and yielding a correct result, XP however does not or cannot find the files.

If I do a search looking for the filenames it gives a result but not when I do a search on both the filename and "word or phrase in the file:" nor on just the "word or phrase in the file:". Frustrating because I use this function very often to find information.

Does anyone know how I can go about resolving this? I looked at a site click here but the changes i applied involving enabling Indexing Service hasn't resolved this.

Any help appreciated.

Many thanks.

  Tj_El 19:22 15 Jun 2005

^ bump ^

  spikeychris 19:31 15 Jun 2005
  Tj_El 10:48 14 Jul 2005

Thanks spikeychris!

Worked a charm, 309173 did. :-))


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