xp pro screw up

  johnnyrocker 22:13 09 Nov 2011

last night i updated malware advisor and scanned pc, it found 1 trojan and 36 malware so i ticked them all and it set about deleting and quarantine them, all went well last night but tonight machine slowed to a crawl so i rebooted in order to carry on my skype conversation, when it resurfaced it said cannot detect webcam or mike so i went to look at device manager it comes up blank and there are no system restore points available any ideas what i have done please XP SP3?


  namtas 22:28 09 Nov 2011

"there are no system restore points available" do you mean literally? if there are restore points but they don't allow a restore then try doing a restore in safe mode.

  johnnyrocker 22:43 09 Nov 2011

sorry buteman it might be better known as mbam? antimalware, and i shall try the tips so far and many thanks


  johnnyrocker 22:56 09 Nov 2011

still no restore points either in safe mode or normal, it seems stuck on todays date and cannot be moved by the arrows at the top ie forward or back ward, went into quarantine and restored all last night ones but no change.


  johnnyrocker 23:11 09 Nov 2011

it seems i have also lost my sygate and audio controller and a couple of toolbars too


  rdave13 23:53 09 Nov 2011

Is this the mbam? link

Seems strange for it to behave like that. If you have the XP disc I would try sfc /scannow first. If that fails then try a repair install, repair XP

As with any repair it's risky so I'd back-up all your docs etc before running any kind of repair.

I'm still baffled why MalwareBytes Antimalware would create this havoc.

  johnnyrocker 23:56 09 Nov 2011

me too, am at the moment running sfc /scan where it is checking file conditions at the moment thanks


  rdave13 00:08 10 Nov 2011

I'm still puzzled why mbam did this but within the program you can retrieve the log of what it deleted. I'm thinking that a rootkit or some other bug sent 'false' info to Malwarebytes. Worth running all your security software in safe mode. SAS is better in safe mode than mbam.

I'd certainly consider joining the Mbam forums to share your problem, forums

  johnnyrocker 00:14 10 Nov 2011

when i have it right i hope i will contact them. i reinstated all of last nights deletions to no effect.


  johnnyrocker 00:24 10 Nov 2011

it finished checking file content then vanished, i take it found nothing wrong?


  johnnyrocker 00:28 10 Nov 2011

still no info in device manager etc so i am going to give up for tonight and try again in the morning in the meantime thanks to all for efforts


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