XP PRO running slow then crashes

  dcnewton 11:06 15 Jan 2005

I built my father a PC for christmas and when i loaded xp pro on it was fine, then i put office 2003 on, stil fine, then i put norton internet security on and the virus protection didn't load properly, i was short on time so to ensure protection i put on panda titanium internet security.
now when the system loads up you can't do anything without it crashing.

is it a simple case that the hard drive needs formating or is there something else that can be done?

  JonnyTub 11:07 15 Jan 2005

did you remove norton before installing panda?

  dcnewton 11:12 15 Jan 2005

er no, i know i should have done, but i didn't.

  sattman 11:17 15 Jan 2005

There are known issues if you have two anti virus programmes installed. Whichever you decide to remove ensure that it is removed completely. Norton does not always clean uninstall and you should read the Symantec guidance notes if removing it.

  Kegger 11:18 15 Jan 2005

Hi DCnewton,
when you say you built your dad a Pc for Xmas, did you use new items of hardware or second hand items? i agree with jonnytub that i would have unistalled norton first before putting Panda on, however i don't think that it should crash XP. can you give me a few more details on the build and exactly what you have installed etc and i will attempt to help you

  dcnewton 11:19 15 Jan 2005

any ideas on how i could uninstall it without using windows or does xp pro have a "safe mode" as it won't load properly in normal mode?

  JonnyTub 11:20 15 Jan 2005

It's highly likely that the two programmes are conflicting, firstly remove norton using their guidelines and any removal tools they have and then see where your at with it.

  VoG II 11:20 15 Jan 2005
  JonnyTub 11:20 15 Jan 2005

xp safe mode: switch the pc on and keep tapping f8 to give you the option of starting in safe mode

  dcnewton 11:26 15 Jan 2005

KEGGER - The pc is built of all new parts, brief spec:
AMD 1700 Athlon
512MB DDR400 by Crucial
80GB Maxtor 7200 HD
550W PSU
Norton internet security
only other software are drivers for printer etc.

I know it was really dumb, i would have unistalled it at any other time - obviously a blonde moment.

  dcnewton 12:07 15 Jan 2005


Just made a phone call to my father (i am currently at work) we managed to boot into safemode and uninstalled panda.

All ok now, thanks for your help.

other forums have been thinking about this for 3 weeks!!!!

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