XP Pro restore

  Jimbo Blue 09:03 31 Mar 2006

I've recently installed latest McAfee Internet Security 2006 upgrade and seem to be having a host of problems such as dead keyboard (even after re-boot) very slow and erratic running, sometimes freezing and so on. So ... I want to restore to the point before I installed McAfee to see if this cures probs. Haven't done a restore before so want to know does it just restore background settings or will it in fact uninstall McAfee?

Thanks in advance


  bremner 09:06 31 Mar 2006

It will not totally uninstall McAfee but it will remove all the entries the installation inserted into the system files.

The best way is to uninstall McAfee, see if that cures the problems, if not then run system restore.

  Jimbo Blue 09:13 31 Mar 2006

Hi Bremner

Thanks for quick response.
Other side of the problem is that I'm on a permanent broadband connection to get and respond to incoming e-mails rapidly so very nervous about uninstalling protection. What do you think?



  Genius1 10:27 31 Mar 2006

If you have XP Service Pack 2, you should have Windows Firewall. If you don't have SP2 you can download it free from Microsoft's website. Ensure that Windows Firewall is enabled before uninstalling McAfee, and you should be fine. Just back anything important up before just in case.

  bremner 11:26 31 Mar 2006

As Genius says XP has a firewall built in.

Before removing McAfee download but don't install Avast Anti Virus.

Disconnect/switch off your machine from the broadband connection and uninstall McAfee. Run system restore.

Then install Avast.

Reconnect to the internet and let Avast update its definitions. You could also install MS Windows Defender Antispyware. All these are free and much less hassle than McAfee

  Jimbo Blue 15:42 27 Apr 2006

Thanks guys.

Have uninstalled McAfee and installed Avast which has resolved most problems


  billdafin 18:38 14 Jun 2006

when i right click on a file in windows a note saying "windows has encountered a problem and will now close". then " send - don't send report". no matter which biton i click i get a dr watson debuggger report " dr watson's has encountered a problem and will now close" then "send - don't send report.
if i click a button then the computer hangs and no matter what i do i have to press the power button and restart

  VoG II 18:55 14 Jun 2006

You should have started your own thread but click here

  Jimbo Blue 09:35 15 Jun 2006

Hi again guys.

Been away in sunny Africare for past month (sorry, shouldn't brag) so have not concluded this thread.

Avast Anti virus was OK but eventually switched to Bitdefender and am now well pleased as all probs have gone.



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