xp pro resetting

  conrail 15:43 30 Apr 2004

running xp pro on a p4 machine, 1 x 130 gbHD 256 MbRAM, started to reset and give the options 1] safe mode; 2] last known configuration; 3] restart windows, each option took me back to the options screen, put in new hd yesterday and it has started to reset again but at the moment it goes back to windows, as other did originally, so appears not hd fault, any ideas please, also have norton anti virus and prevention firewall

  VoG II 22:57 30 Apr 2004


  conrail 18:31 01 May 2004

sorry VoG, but what do you mean "bump"?

  sidecar sid 19:20 01 May 2004

It's a way to bring your posting to the top of page one in the hope that someone who has not seen it may be able to help.

  Terry Brown 19:29 01 May 2004

Put the XP CD in the drive, select advanced option and repair,this should restore your operating system back to defaults, without wiping out any of your other software (i.e. opfice etc.)

  conrail 19:56 01 May 2004

thanks sidecar sid, appreciate Vog doing that, have tried your way Terry but it told me it could not repair fault, unfortunately did not write down the error message, can reinstall drive and try again, have got drive as a slave but each time I log on I have to re initialize it and format using computer management, the drive is under warranty so will send it back but I was more concerned that it was something more serious as it has done same thing once with current drive, I have removed my Prevention firewall as that was the last thing I installed before all this happened.

  woodchip 20:08 01 May 2004

Sounds like some other hardware poblem, what is the CPU fan doing is it working as it should, as It sounds like you have got file corruption with overheating CPU or System

  woodchip 20:09 01 May 2004

PS even a PSU on the blink will do it or bad memory

  conrail 20:55 01 May 2004

the fan is quiet and running, also there is no said eon the tower and very near an open window, even though it is running, is there any way I can check it?

  woodchip 21:22 01 May 2004

Have a look in the BIOS for PC health

  conrail 21:49 01 May 2004

cannot find anything about health in the bios, can you point me in the right direction please

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