XP Pro Reinstall question

  Chris Webster 23:02 11 Oct 2005


I am going to reinstall XP Pro on a friends computer, she uses a wireless mouse and keyboard.

My question is, will I still be able to use the wireless keyboard during the reinstall process for selecting the various options etc.

Many thanks, Chris.

  Chris Webster 00:32 12 Oct 2005


  Giggle n' Bits 00:40 12 Oct 2005

it should be fine but if your unsure then start with a stadard PS/2 mouse & Keyboard of other pc.

Also the XP software must be licenced to this machine only not a licence from one pc to other.

  Taff36 06:39 12 Oct 2005

I`ve just done exactly this on my laptop when I installed a new HDD and installed everything from scratch. You will need to install everything using a traditional input device (Mouse & Keyboard or in the case of a laptop the touchpad) until you have fully reinstalled XP Pro. You will then need to install the drivers for the wireless equipment.

If you can I suggest you run Belarc Advisor click here on the computer first and print out the results. This will give you vital information on the existing computer including the correct CD Keys for XP Pro, Office etc. I presume she has the original set up discs for the motherboard etc.

If you are doing a simple repair installation you can use the wireless equipment earlier because the drivers shouldn`t be affected but I suggest you use traditional input devices anyway until everything is set up. By the way you might check the manufacturers website and download the latest drivers before you start and burn them to CD.

Everest Home click here will give you a more detailed analysis of the hardware on the machine with clickable links to the hardware components drivers. If you can run this before you start, again burn a collection of the relevant drivers to disc. If you run it after the installation you can download the latest drivers and install them "on the fly"

Good Luck! Post back if you get a problem.

  PC Bilbo 07:59 12 Oct 2005

Your USB ports will not work until Windows is installed. So if your wireless k/b & mouse is USB you will not be able to enter at the "press F8" command to accept the Microsoft EULA.If you can't do this the install will fail.

I always keep bog std PS2 items for this purpose.

  Chris Webster 23:43 12 Oct 2005


The computer is second hand and the ONLY disc she has is the original XP Pro disc.

I'll borrow a normal keyboard/mouse to do the reinstall.

Cheers Chris.

  Taff36 01:39 13 Oct 2005

Run Belarc and Everest (You can print a report from that as well) Follow my advice and prepare discs with all the necesary drivers. You can reload everything but you must use the original CD Keys (Of course you will) - Post back if you get stuck with anything but I suggest you start a new thread when that happens and close this one as resolved.

  Chris Webster 22:36 13 Oct 2005

Thanks everyone.

Cheers Chris.

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