xp pro purchase

  pharte 23:21 01 Aug 2004

I run xp home (update version) and want to try pro.

I understand that a clean install is best but two factors put me off this 1. the upgrade disk is cheaper 2. I would prefer to keep all my docs and settings.

I am looking on ebay for the software and want to buy genuine but am confused with all the dell type branded discs for sale and the other oem, product keys supplied on pieces of paper and the rest.
also what is the piece of hardware that has to be supplied to stay within ebay guidelines.

anyone know of a good retailer with the softwrae at a right price ?

  woodchip 23:25 01 Aug 2004

If you are only a home user, you are wasting your money

  pharte 23:30 01 Aug 2004

thought that might have been the case but after reinstalling home many times and still not being happy / having problems I thought it might have been better for me.

Any difference between the upgrade versions of home and the full standalone version....mainly as in installation and running programmes ?

  terryr48 23:37 01 Aug 2004

If you want the cheapest route to XP pro try an OEM copy from click here
search no 52362 for pro version this is the same as full retail except theres no support from microsoft

  woodchip 23:39 01 Aug 2004

The Pro is for business uses. Extra networking etc

  pharte 23:52 01 Aug 2004

whats this extra hardware supplied on ebay to comply with their rules then ?

and would I be as well reformatting and doing a full reinstall of home using a non upgrade version?

  terryr48 00:12 02 Aug 2004

With e-buyer you don't have to buy any extra hardware, I bought an oem full version (not upgrade) of xp home from them. I think the rules have been relaxed of microsoft are turning a blind eye to this now.

  ventanas 08:31 02 Aug 2004

You DO have to buy a qualifying non-peripheral item of hardware. You also have to install it into the same computer that you are installing the OEM version of Windows to, and keep it there. These rules have NOT been relaxed. If you do not do this then you are running an illegal copy of Windows.

The only rule that Microsift have recently relaxed is that of change of motherboard severing an OEM licence. You now have to change both board and chassis.

  Stuartli 09:07 02 Aug 2004

Upgrading to XP Pro is NOT a waste of time - its security and networking features, plus other benefits, are of equal use to home users when the requirement arises.

I use XP Pro; it's the most stable, troublefree OS I've ever used and my computing involvement goes back to 1980 and takes in Windows 3x, 95, 98, 98SE and now XP Pro.

Strangely enough I rather miss the constant updating and problem solving aspects of earlier Windows versions.

Everything works as it should and it's most frustrating...:-)

  pharte 22:39 02 Aug 2004


  pharte 22:56 02 Aug 2004

I am as confused as when I started..........

I may just buy and try.......

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