XP Pro: Problem opening new account

  m800afc 11:35 04 Jun 2010

Windows XP Pro SP3; ASRock 775VM800; Pentium 4; 3GHz; 2Gb RAM

I am trying to create a new user account. The account appears to be created, and I am able to change the picture on the account. When I try to use the account however, everything I click on brings a dialog box "Windows cannot open this file". No default desktop wallpaper (ie the field and sky) is shown, just a plain grey/blue background, not the same blue as the BSOD. None of the icons display, just the default generic icon for all items. Rt clicking on the desktop, brings up the same dialog box, as does trying to open the control panel or task manager. On starting the computer in safe mode, the account is not displayed at all. I can enter text into the start>run dialog box, but pressing the return key gives the same Windows cannot open..." dialog box. There are no sounds on the account.
There is one password protected account on the computer, which operates normally, as does the Admin account accessed via the safe mode.
What needs to be done to open a fully functioning new account?

  Sea Urchin 12:02 04 Jun 2010

It sounds as though you set it up OK - but I would remove it and try again in case something got corrupted en route.

click here

"Admin account accessed via the safe mode"

Can you not access the Admin account in Normal mode?

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