XP Pro + Printer Installations Problem

  spuds 12:04 27 Jul 2003

Having just upgraded to Windows XP Pro, I am now having problems installing my two printers.

HP OfficeJet 590 Printer. I have downloaded and installed the latest drivers [23mb] for this machine. Problem now seems to be a communication problem.I am told in the device manager that this connection is working properly, yet I keep getting an error message stating Communication Test Failed and Hardware Interface Error [MLC Channel Open]. This machine worked fine on a previous WME set-up, but it now refuses to print. Usually a blank page appears, sometimes a little bit of single word/line gobbly gook.

Samsung Laser ML-4500 Printer.Installed this printer, but XP would not reconize drivers. Eventually the XP programme installed the printer, and everything seems okay. The problem that I now have, is that I keep getting New Hardware ML-4500 detected on start-up, yet on my printer installation file, it shows the printer as installed okay.I believe that there are some Lexmark printer drivers that work with this machine, any suggestions as to what they are.

Help/Advice gladly appreciated, in solving these two problems.

  Chegs ® 12:14 27 Jul 2003

Regarding the HP printer,I have an HP scanner that if I alter the filesystem on XP(from FAT to NTFS)the drivers dont work.The device is showing as installed in Device Manager,yet trying to run the scanner software gives Device not Found error.Could be a similar problem with your HP,as to the ML-4500 no ideas,sorry.

  spuds 12:43 27 Jul 2003

Thanks Chegs for the quick response.

  spuds 17:58 27 Jul 2003

Recycling problem query.

  spuds 23:53 28 Jul 2003

Answering my own question. Found that the Lexmark E210 Driver should solve the Samsung problem.

HP 590 OfficeJet.Problem still outstanding.

  jazzypop 00:16 29 Jul 2003

I suspect that your parallel port is set to the wrong mode. See click here

  jazzypop 00:22 29 Jul 2003

If you search carefully, you will find 2 Samsung ML-4500 printer drivers for XP.

I am using the using the one labelled ML4500 (English).exe with no problem.

  fitshase 01:35 29 Jul 2003

for the ML-4500 model you need to let the hardware wizard complete the installation (any driver will do) then change the driver manually to the XP one (you can download from the samsung website).



  spuds 23:49 29 Jul 2003

Looking through the Samsung troublshooting site, would appear as though this 'new hardware'problem is known.They have a suggested remedy, which I will try out tomorrow. Will let you know the outcome.

  whybe 03:30 30 Jul 2003

I have had loads of problems updating my HP Inkjet software, seemingly having followed their instructions. Only to notice that below the download button they mention that you must remove the previous driver before installing the new. Not doing this caused my problem being rather taken by HP's analysis and 'update' automated system. I'm running XP pro as well.

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