XP Pro password protection for folders

  johnem 20:55 14 Jan 2004

Hi gang, back for another round of helpful advice. I have 4 XP Pro machines on a P2P network at work with 2 W98Se machines. Network works fine but, I have password protection on the shared folders on the W98 machines, but do not seem to be able to activate anything siomilar on the XP machines. Consequently, the other day one of our sales reps plugged into the network to access internet and found that all of the XP files were visible. Is there a way of allowing the shared folders to be password or otherwise protected so that only the authorised permanent work colleagues can have access nad others are precluded? Sorry the question is rather long.

  Kitz E Kat 21:28 14 Jan 2004

One way , is to set up a limited user account, and only allow your rep, and other casual users, use that account...
They can not open files in other acounts from a limited account...

It will save users who do have access legit access to these files from havin to type a password each time they want to access it...

  Kitz E Kat 21:41 14 Jan 2004

Forgot do you have "simple file sharing" disabled?
If this is enabled you can't protect files over a network , as all users have the same priviliges..

  johnem 22:14 14 Jan 2004

Kitz E Kat, I ahve disabled "simple file sharing". I read somewhere about "permissions" for sharing and switching off "everyone" and then creating "authenticated users". Have tried that and it makes all of the "shaered files" invisible to others.
This limited users account seems a possibilty. I forgot to mention that the rep is plugging his XP laptop into network to use the printer as well as internet.
As always, I try to run before....!!

  Kitz E Kat 22:51 14 Jan 2004

It's a complicated area in XP, and i don't claim to know all about it, no way not me !!!!!

If you can restrict the way he logs on as a limited user then that should be OK, you can always test it out, he may be still able to see the files but not open them ...

A good book "Windows security inside out for XP and 2000 " is worth considering, there are many tweaks you can do on your system , its quiet easy to read and pretty informative, and will help you improve the overall security of your system ...

hope this is of some use....

  johnem 20:11 16 Jan 2004

Kitz E Kat, thanks for the book info.
Do you happen to know the author/publisher so that I can try and obtain a copy?

  Kitz E Kat 21:15 16 Jan 2004

Yup, its published by Microsoft, It's called Windows Security Inside out for xp and 2000...

While it is a M$ book the authors don't waste any time knockin M$ if it warrents it, and in terms of security it sure as hell does!!!

It is a good book worth havin in your position...

Hope this helps ...

Good luck and stay safe!!!!

Kitz E

  Tim the Farmer 21:21 16 Jan 2004

Have this problem myself
found usefull info at click here

  johnem 21:48 16 Jan 2004

Thanks Kitz and Tim. Have just had a quick look at the link. Will print it out and ponder further, it seems to be providing suitable answers.

  johnem 16:18 23 Jan 2004

Kitz, thanks once again for the book info. After reading through several bits a couple of times, I think I have found the solution.
Once I had set up all users to logon on with a password, set up the "limited users" on each puter and set up the permissions and sharing details, it appears to be working.
Will wait and check it finally when our rep comes in next.
PS the book certainly has some wonderful information.

  Kitz E Kat 18:32 23 Jan 2004

It is a must as far as i am concerned, its quite readable and has lots to offer...

If you have XP or 2000 and want to *try* secure your box, then its a must .....

Hope it passes the *rep* test :-)

Kitz E

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