XP Pro Password problem

  griffo 20:25 17 Jan 2005

Have just run recovery console following an 'unmountable boot volume' blue screen situation. Ran chkdsk /p then fixboot. It seems ready to boot into windows again except, it is asking for an Administrator password in the logon screen. Previously, I just left this blank and pressed enter, that won't now work. Have tried a range of possible passwords but no luck. Does anyone know a way around this please?

  spikeychris 20:53 17 Jan 2005

Strange one, I've never heard of this before. Did the RC not ask for a password?

  [email protected] 20:57 17 Jan 2005

If you go to Start > Help and Support and type in Create Reset Password Disc in the search box, that may get you going.

  spikeychris 21:04 17 Jan 2005

Hows he get there [email protected]?

  mattyc_92 22:04 17 Jan 2005

Can you log in as the "built-in" administrator??? (press "ctrl+alt+delete twice and type in "administrator" and press enter)

  [email protected] 08:50 18 Jan 2005

Sorry spikeychris - not with you! When you boot up you are left with, I assume, the Administator's Desktop and in griffo's case - a request for password box. Is that it, nothing can be done until a password is entereed? The danger now, as I see it, is entering all sorts of passwords which you think may work, as Windows remembers all this stuff doesnt it? Seems strange to me that you can be locked out of your own machine - even as Administrator - but I bow to superior knowledge. The floppys are prepared "before" such instances usually so perhaps there's a message here..

  AndySD 09:04 18 Jan 2005

When you install XP Pro you have to type in an Admin Password, this is the one you need. In XP home this option is not offered unless you go to safe mode after installation and create the password, it is with XP home you can leave it blank.

  griffo 10:27 18 Jan 2005

thanks to all of you. This isn't as strange as it may have sounded. Having repaired the HDD through Recovery Console, the machine was trying to reboot using Administrator as the main account (naturally, I guess) and therefore needed a password as, it seems, one was entered when the machine was new. As I inherited the machine from someone who is no longer around, I have no way of knowing the password. However, what I should have remembered was, that I used to log on in my own name without a password. Have now done that and, of course, it let me in. So very sorry to have bothered you by being thick!!
One thing I've found since the 'fix' is that Office doesn't work and needs the CD to reset it and a lot of desktop icons have gone. Not sure about other effects until I get time to have a good look.
Anyway, thanks again.

  spikeychris 11:30 18 Jan 2005

Morning [email protected], if you are the admin and only use that one account and it is password protected then yup you are locked out of XP. There are ways around it using third part tools [which I wont post] and Windows XP does have a security hole that can be accessed during a repair installation.

griffo, glad you're sorted.

  mattyc_92 12:18 18 Jan 2005

You can leave the password blank for the built-in administrator on XP Pro as well (I used to do it just in case I forgot my password, but I have changed the password for built-in administrator and wrote it down for future reference..)

  [email protected] 12:59 18 Jan 2005

Thanks spikeychris. You will have seen from my previous posts I am not very informed with regard to passwords/multi users - thanks for the gen. It's possible to lock yourself out of your own house too...

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