xp pro password

  pierc113 14:27 07 Feb 2004

Is there anyway of finding what the password is ?, Turn on it loads up then comes up with a box asking for user name and password i know the user name but no idea of the password, If i hit return i am able to use the pc but i don't know if i will be able to connect to the internet till my conection disc comes from ntl.

  bremner 14:30 07 Feb 2004

Don't you think it would be very inappropriate to post on this site how to detect passwords - even for the best of reasons.

  pierc113 14:38 07 Feb 2004

Take your point

  Sir Radfordin 14:52 07 Feb 2004

When XP Pro loads you are given a box to login which has a space for username and password. If there is no password and you have the correct username (as you seem to do) pressing return (or even hitting it!) is the same as OK and you will have logged on.

From what you have said it seems as if you don't have a password on the account.

To check this do ctrl+alt+del and then click change password. leave the old password box blank and then type a new password in the other two boxes (make sure you remember it!)

See where that gets you.

  pierc113 11:15 10 Feb 2004

Thanks for that Sir Radfordin i have now got the adminastrator password(of the guy i bought it of)I now have a couple of errors:-

The install engine (ikernel.exe)could not be launched
The RPC server is unavailable
thats what i got when i tryed to install a dvd/cdrw.

Phone and modam control panel can not be opened you may have a problem starting telephony service.
thats what i got when i tryed to install my connection disc for ntl dail up

  ventanas 12:28 10 Feb 2004

If this machine is second hand the best thing you can do is wipe it clean and reinstall Windows. You don't know what may be lurking on it.

Doing this will also fix the problems you are having and let you choose your own password.

  pierc113 13:12 10 Feb 2004

Do you know of any sites with easy to follow instrutions to uninstall/reinstall as i am not very with it when it comes to computers.
it says on the disc windows xp professional and includes service pack 1 if that means anything

  pierc113 13:14 10 Feb 2004

forgot to say i also have a disc titled Drivers & Utilities

  Djohn 13:19 10 Feb 2004

click here full guide on a clean install of XP. j.

  pierc113 15:18 10 Feb 2004

read the the guide on clean install but i can not find anywhere that tells you how to uninstall xp theres plenty of sites if you have upgraded from win98 but this machine only as xp

  ventanas 15:38 10 Feb 2004

You don't need to uninstall XP. To format your drive for XP Pro.
Make sure that the first boot drive is the CD-Rom. Insert your XP CD and restart. You should see briefly at the bottom of the screen the command Press any key to boot from CD. Hit the spacebar. The Windows setup screen will appear on a blue background and you will see files loading at the bottom of the screen. Allow this to run until complete. When prompted press enter to Set up XP. Press F8 to accept agreement. Press Esc to install a fresh copy of Windows as per the prompt. From the options at the bottom of screen press D to delete the partition and return to confirm, then press L to complete the deletion. At the next screen press C to create a new partition. Accept the default size. Press enter to continue setup. If asked choose a file system, Fat32 or NTFS. You drive will be reformatted and some files will be copied. Set up will initialize and the computer will restart. Ignore any further prompts to boot from CD. XP will install. During installation you will be asked for regional and keyboard settings etc. Make sure you answer correctly. When complete PC will restart. Again ignore prompt to boot from CD. When running remove CD. All done. It's unlikely that you will need your driver disc as the XP set up will probably have all you need. If you wish you can view the compatibility report you are offered early in the procedure to check.

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