XP Pro over WIN98SE?

  TonyV 15:17 18 Feb 2005

Is it possible to install XP Pro directly over Win98SE? I have read all the details about installing XP and looking at reformatting etc. etc. But, I admit it, I am a coward and do not really want to delve in to the bowels of the software to install XP. If it is as difficult as it seems, maybe I should take the disk and machine to my supplier and get him to install it.


  Diodorus Siculus 15:32 18 Feb 2005

Yes, it can be done, and is pretty straightforward.

But be sure you have a backup first.

  TonyV 15:40 18 Feb 2005

Diodorus Siculus

Thanks for your speedy response. Perhaps when I have some "Quite Time", I may well have a go at installing it. As you say though, it will very important to get a back-up of all my application data files regarding what is sitting on/in the machine. I've already got the Award BIOS upgrade file from click here so will have to have a look at installing that. They say it is reasonably straight-forward, but we shall see!!

I won't close this out just yet in case there are some other comments.

Many thanks.

  Yoda Knight 15:42 18 Feb 2005

Straight forward really.. :)

I would encourage you to give it a try, its the only way to learn. And you've got nothing to loose - your supplier will still install it for you anyway if things do go wrong (although very unlikely !) - so you may as well just have a go and save yourself sum £s in the process.

And remember you can always ask for assistance on this forum

  TonyV 15:46 18 Feb 2005

Yoda Knight

Thanks. The only problem with what you say is that if the machine goes pear shaped, I'll not be able to get back on the Forum!! This will leave only the local supplier option. (Who, I must say, is very good and have kept my machine in good condition whenever I ask them!)



  Yoda Knight 15:48 18 Feb 2005

Be carefull with a BIOS Flash - if that goes wrong you may end up replacing your motherboard

  GaT7 15:52 18 Feb 2005

TonyV, did you pay for your BIOS upgrade? If you did this time, never mind. Next time ask here, or look on your motherboard manufacturer's website - all BIOS upgrades are available free of cost. G

  GaT7 15:53 18 Feb 2005

Meant to also warn you about the BIOS flash, but Yoda Knight beat me to it ; ) G

  TonyV 15:55 18 Feb 2005

Yoda Knight

Yes, I must admit I am a wee bit wary, but it seems that to get the maximum benefit from XP it is recommended that the BIOS be updated. Or would the one that works perfectly well with WIN98SE still be acceptable? It seems the BIOS upgrade should be done before installing XP Pro due to some technical requirement!

Many thanks.

  TonyV 16:00 18 Feb 2005


Yes, I did pay for it! Something $29.95. But I did try the Magic site and this is where it pointed me! click here. It also gave another programme for "free"! Something called CheckIt 7.0. Not quite sure why I should need it, but it came with the package.


  GaT7 16:01 18 Feb 2005

Just obey the flash process CAREFULLY & you should be OK (keep distractions/kids/similar away when attempting). Good luck with it & your WinXP upgrade - hope it goes well : ) G

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