XP Pro NTFS or FAT32

  NadineCoyleRocks 10:54 27 Feb 2003

I was hoping for a little advise.

Im currently installing windows xp pro and was wondering what file system is best to use NTFS or FAT32? What are the advantages/disadvantages of the two file formats?

The pc will be used for all office applications and games (basically home use)

Thanks in advance

  Elrond 11:00 27 Feb 2003

NTFS is the recommended

  NadineCoyleRocks 11:02 27 Feb 2003

thanks any particular reason why?

  powerless 11:05 27 Feb 2003

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My say > FAT32 is faster than NTFS, in trnasferring data. If you shift large amounts of data then FAT32 would be better suited.

If you want securtiy for your files then NTFS is ideal.

If you have to partitons on your computer. An NTFS file system can read FAT32 but a FAT32 cannot read NTFS...

I'd go for NTFS myself.

  jazzypop 11:06 27 Feb 2003


This will alllow you to fully use the file security features within XP Pro, and take advantage of NTFS's improved (internal) file management.

If your HDD is greater than 32GB, XP will not format a new drive as FAT32.

The disadvantage is that if you want to dual-boot XP and Win9x, the NTFS partition(s) will not be visible to Win9x. In addition, it is less simple to boot from floppy to an NTFS partition (although it can be done). However, XP is designed so that you boot from CD, so the lack of floppy 'bootability' is not a major issue.

  scooby43 11:09 27 Feb 2003

Hi NadineCoyleRocks

NTFS is very good for security the only downside to it is if you are wanting to use win 98 for example on another machine it will be unable to read NTFS. as win 98 win ME only work on FAT32.


  NadineCoyleRocks 11:17 27 Feb 2003


From what i've read i think I will go with NTFS.

I like the idea of less fragmentation, as I wont be able to support the pc once ive given it to the user.

As for large data transfer I cant think that the user will do this all that much and from what ive read it doesnt seem everyone is that convinced that there is a large performance hit when with NTFS, also I definately wont be dual booting with 98 and if I did have to recover data I have plenty of PC's running on NTFS to use if need be

thanks for the help

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