XP pro network problems

  Large JD 10:20 20 Jan 2006

Having just finished repairing a bootup problem on my friends pc. (an old one i gave him) I have found some large video files 23GB that i want to transfer to my pc. I have a network card installed on my pc, so i have been through the (Set up a home network) thinking that would be the easiest way to transfer them. This is the first time i've attempted this and must have gone wrong somewhere. My friend pc is comunicating through mine and accessing the internet, but i can't see his pc on mine or visa-virsa. Not really sure what i should be seeing anyway. Have tried clicking on "My Network Places" Then "View Workgroup Computers" is this correct? When i do the above, an error message says that MSHOME is not accessable. And that i may not have permission, contact your administrator. I am the administrator!!

  CLONNEN 10:29 20 Jan 2006

Do you have a password set on the Default Windows Administrator account or on the Guest account - if you do reset them both to blank passwords - you should then be able to access other PCs on the network.

  Large JD 10:37 20 Jan 2006

Is this the password i use when i logon?

  CLONNEN 10:41 20 Jan 2006

No not your Username and password.

On Xp the two default accounts are called Admin and Guest. The Guest account may be hidden from view - I think you will be able to see it if you login to the Admin account in Safe Mode.

If you have never set a password on Admin or Guest they should be blank by default.

Try removing Passwords on all the User Accounts and see if that enables network access to other PCs. Then add the passwords back on one at a time till you find out which one causes the network block.

  CLONNEN 10:47 20 Jan 2006

Just had another thought - do both PCs have the same User Accounts and Passwords or does his just have his Username and Password and yours just have yours?

On our network ALL PCs have the exact same list of Usernames and Passwords set up on them.

eg. PC 1 has User called FRED and password 1234
so PC 2 MUST have FRED and 1234 set on its list of Windows User accounts to allow network access.

  CLONNEN 10:53 20 Jan 2006

You don't need to both be logged in as the Username and Password - it just has to be present in the list.

eg. PC 1 is set up with Users FRED and GEORGE (logged in as FRED)
PC 2 is also set up with Users FRED and GEORGE (logged in as GEORGE)
Full network access should be available.

  CLONNEN 10:56 20 Jan 2006

The reason behind the Usernames being identical on both PCs is simply the security aspect.

Without this security measure anyone on their own Username and Password could login to your network.

  Large JD 11:02 20 Jan 2006

So if i set up a username on both pc's called share with the same password, that should work.
I have just removed the password protection on admin accounts, should i put these back. Bit concerned about security

  CLONNEN 11:08 20 Jan 2006

On our network putting passwords on the Admin and Guest accounts totally blocks network access so it's not worth it unless you hardly ever use the network access and are willing to take them off both computers every time you do use it.

Not a lot of point blocking access to the Admin account when it locks out your own access to your own network.

Personally I prefer to risk the hackers and be able to use my network properly.

  CLONNEN 11:13 20 Jan 2006

Regarding creating an account called Share on both computers I think that will only allow access if both computers are actually logged into Share - unsure if network will allow access to 2 identical Usernames at the same time (might work).

Really you need to add your Username and Password to the other PC and add his Username and Password to your PC.

  Large JD 11:20 20 Jan 2006

Now i am confused!!
My pc currently has 2 user names without passwords + the new share with password
Other pc currently has 2 different user names without passwords + the new share with password.
Where do i go from here?
How will i know/check to see if network is operating.
How come the othe pc is able to access the internet through my pc, but i can't share?

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