XP Pro motherboard gone ?

  curlylad 12:12 02 Aug 2005

A friend has XP Pro and a problem.When he turns his PC on he gets a black screen with white writing that says 'Drive not ready , insert boot diskette into 'A' , press any key to continue.
Any advice greatly appreciated.

  DieSse 12:21 02 Aug 2005

No - most probably not the motherboard.

Most likely the hard drive.

Check all the connections to it - power and data cables.

Reset the BIOS to default configuration.

If no joy - then the message means the hard drive can't be detected by the system when it powers up and looks for it - this likely means it's failed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:38 02 Aug 2005


1. check power cable to HDD

2. check ribbon cable fuly inserted in drive and mother board.

3. check jumper set correctly to master

4. boot from floppy (win98 or winme)or cd into recovery consul (XP) type fixmbr

Hard disk checks before you condemn it click here

  GaT7 18:20 02 Aug 2005

Also, tell him to try a power cable swap & an alternative working data cable, & make a direct connection with m'board - i.e., NO other drive connected as slave: one end into m'board & the other into hard disk, with the middle cable connector left free (this worked for me).

A list to work through click here. G

  curlylad 20:36 02 Aug 2005

Thanks everyone , I will try those suggestions and get back to you .

  curlylad 19:30 03 Aug 2005

OK , cant do much with this at all.I just got the PC round here from my friends , this is what is happening.

Start PC,one beep , TINY.COM screen appears for approx 3 seconds , the cd-rom door now opens and when you close it , it continues to immediately open on its on again ,

Next a black screen with a white dash type cursor appears in the top left of the screen flashing for approx 5 seconds , then black screen again with text saying and set out as follows

Drive Not Ready,

Insert BOOT diskette in A:

Press any key when ready.

If you press any key the same message repeats itself underneath and so on.

We have his XP Pro CD-ROM with original product key.

Please advise !

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:35 03 Aug 2005

As per my post except No.4

  curlylad 19:40 03 Aug 2005

Kept trying to load from cd-rom , loaded cd-rom into drive and restarted , I now have message,

Multiple-Image CDROM , select boot entry 0-/:0

Under the last '0' is a flashing cursor ?
What now ?

  Stuartli 19:56 03 Aug 2005

As you have the XP installation disk, tne other possible solution is to set the Bios to boot from CD-ROM.

Save and Exit (F10) and then put the XP disk in the drive before the system starts to boot up again.

Providing the hard drive is/has been correctly connected, it should boot from the XP CD. Choose to Install and you should then (IIRC) have to choose between Install and Recovery Console. Choose Install again.

This time the choice will/should be to install or Repair. Select R for repair.

XP will then inspect the system for previous versions before copying files to the installation folders.

Near the end you will have to enter the product key.

Don't worry about any programs, applications etc on your hard drive. A Repair leaves these intact.

You may also need to reinstall SP2 if you had this on your system, plus any SP3 updates since.

  curlylad 19:59 03 Aug 2005

I have now reached the blue setup screen

To setup windows xp now , press enter.

To repair , press R

To quit press F3.

I pressed enter and got the message Setup did not find any hard disk drives in your computer.

Can someone perhaps direct me to a site that shows pictures of how the cables etc are attached to the cd-rom drive and elsewhere as well as any other useful advice ?

  curlylad 20:05 03 Aug 2005

I now have the back off awaiting advice as to what to do or how to reconnect any loose cables/ribbon cables etc !

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