xp pro install hangs

  MorningBard 13:40 10 Oct 2008

I'm trying to installl xp pro for a friend they had problems with it and think they have been tinkering around. I decided the easiest remedy was a new install of XP Pro. It starts ok does the first screen press F6 which i ignore and then the second screen press F2 for ASR. This screen goes off the bar at the bottom is blank and nothing else happens. Cd does not read and pc just sits there happily doing nothing. The screen is still showing xp install screen ( blue back ground with text at top)
Any help would be most welcome. As an after thought i have reset the Cmos by using the jumper method and installed the settings from the bios menu.

  gary2112 14:09 10 Oct 2008

do you boot from the cd with the windows disk in the drive.do you let the pc boot up or are you trying to install windows pro from with in windows ie upgrade.some steps reboot pc go into the bios by pressing del as the pc boots up as soon as you reset .then go into the boot up options and select first boot device cd or dvd drive safe this reboot windows.now as the pc boot and pics up the disk it will ask you if you want to install windows.if will ask you just to press a key,windows will analize the hardwere then ask you to press f8 if you want to carry on.if your m8, want a clean install it will ask if you want to format the drives this will wipe the hardrive if you want to keep anyfiles what ever you do dont format the drive as everything will be lost.
how ever if you want to keep it just tell windows to keep the files as they are.windows will then look for any other installs of windows on the hardrive and ask if you wish to del winows if you do press L windows will be taken of the harddrive then the install will begin .keep in mind make shore your m8 as the drivers for the pc as thats a real pain trying to get them back.if windows still fails to install go into the bios again and set the bios to its defolts ie factory setting.

  MorningBard 14:27 10 Oct 2008

Hi Gary2112

Yes i'm booting from CD and it wont get past the ASR screen(second one on install). I'm doing a clean install. BIOS settings have all been reset. I've done a reformat and install before so i'm aware of the options that will be offered me later in the installation. Just need to know who i get past this "hang" I've checked the drive with a maxtor diagnostic disk and it is showing ok.

  tullie 14:34 10 Oct 2008

Is it a proper xp pro cd?Change bios to boot from cd,insert cd,reboot,you will get an option that asks you if you want to boot from the cd,press appropriete key then sit back and follow instructions.

  MorningBard 14:38 10 Oct 2008

thanks Tullie

i'm doing all that but it's not getting passed second screen see earlier postings, and yes it is a proper xpcd and it works. I've even tried mine on it and the same result before anyone suggests that.

  tullie 14:56 10 Oct 2008

So are you saying that it wont work on you pc either?

  MAJ 15:03 10 Oct 2008

Try changing the CD/DVD drive.

  MorningBard 15:11 10 Oct 2008

I'm saying i've tried 2 xp pro disks and neither will go past the ASR screen.

The pc has dvd rw and a dvd player tried both same result. One could assume at least one of them is working properly but is a consideration you never know.

  zarobian 16:39 10 Oct 2008

You mentioned that you have reformatted the hard disc. Is it in DOS format or NTFS system?
What I am getting at is if you haven’t got any recovery partition then it will be safe to use FDISK. By using FDISK delete DOS partition and any non DOS partition if existing. Do not create any partition or format the disc at this stage.
Slip your Windows XP disk in the drive. Switch off the computer and power on again to achieve a cold start condition.
Follow the instructions. You will be asked for formatting in NTFS and creating active partition. Answer yes to these.
Hopefully you will be able to install the OS successfully this time.

  MorningBard 17:44 10 Oct 2008


did as you suggested FDISK etc. Same problem install stops when screen switches over after F2 for ASR and cd stops. I'm at a loss on this one something seems to be stopping OS from progressing.

  baldydave 18:05 10 Oct 2008

Try memtest86 here
click here

free download/unzip/burn to cd

Then set pc to boot from cd
I have had this problem freezing and it was faulty ram.if errors on ram and more than 1 stick remove one run memtest if ok try loading xp,if ram is faulty then swap them over and try as before.

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