XP Pro Guest account

  knockin on 22:27 06 Mar 2006

My laptop 'guest' account has been used regularly by a member of the family. We would like to allocate an account to this person by name and import all the guest settings to the new account.This will then free up the guest account which can be returned to the very basic access it is designed to give. Does anyone know of an easy way to allocate the current guest settings to the new named account without having to set them all up again?
Thanks in anticipation, Rob

  [DELETED] 22:57 06 Mar 2006

I would expect that by renaming the 'Guest' account to a user name, then giving whatever user rights you need, then creating a new @guest' axccount, it should be what you are after.

I recently played around with users on my XP Pro machine when I was setting up a network to give different users individual access to different parts the second PC and eventually got the names and accounts sorted. I think I did something like what I've just suggested.

  knockin on 23:56 06 Mar 2006

Yes, that feels about right. I can add a new account, but how do I rename the 'Guest' account to preserve its' current settings under the new name? Accessing 'Guest' account through control panel/user accounts does not seem to offer this option.

  knockin on 08:38 07 Mar 2006

Good morning all.

  [DELETED] 08:59 07 Mar 2006

you can copy the information to a newly created account , but the guest account is fixed - it's either on or off.
click here

  knockin on 13:08 07 Mar 2006

OK - thank you, will check the box.

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