xp pro freezes randomly

  johnnyrocker 12:02 10 Jun 2004

and all i can do is press restart, this pc had a major prob a few months ago which required reformatt new processor new memory and then behaved quite well, recently it has taken to just freezing randomly, in the evening after 4-5 hrs use and in particularly using yahoo games with messenger/cam/voice, if pc left on overnight just one prog running it will have invariably froze at some time during the night (but not always) event logs not much help, would sfc help? i seem to remember going this route before the last crash, (is it true that A sfc removes ms updates or B it removes restore points)


  georgemac 12:28 10 Jun 2004

but usually just after startup or on startup when I try to do something while programmes are still loading. It will run fine for ages then just suffer random problems. I have had some this morning, first for ages, ctrl alt del will not even bring up task manager - reset is the only option & it starts OK.

I have all critical updates installed, anti virus & spyware is up to date, everything is bang up to date. For my postings in case anyone has an answer.

  georgemac 12:30 10 Jun 2004

should not do any of the above - I hope not I ran it last week and all was OK. All my restore points are still there and all the ms hotfixes are still listed in add/remove programs (just checked now)

  johnnyrocker 12:34 10 Jun 2004

ok thats my mind put at rest on that one, it was just i saw it posted elsewhere and thought back to my major crash two days after running sfc.


  keith-236785 13:14 10 Jun 2004

random freezes could be associated to almost anything in your system. the main things are Heat/ badly seated cards/ bad memory.

i had to remove my proc lately to try in a different computer (problem solving), on returning it to my own system, i didnt clean/ apply new thermal paste. as a result, i got random freezing of the system only sorted by a reset. once i had cleaned the proc/heatsink an d applied thermal paste. no more crashes/freezing.

as you say in your post, you have removed and replaced the proc then this could be your problem.

check all cards (sound, graphic, modem etc...) are securely seated by removing and replacing them.

same goes with the memory, remove & replace.

with all the above, please take care not to touch any of the actual chips on any cards/memory. static is a killer in computers.

  johnnyrocker 18:22 10 Jun 2004

thanks paperman i have speedfan on boardwhich generally shows an average temp in system tray of 26-27 deg but i really was wondering if sfc would help?


  keith-236785 20:14 10 Jun 2004

the 26-27 reported, is that the CPU temp or the Hard Drive or the system?

you can choose which one to display in the toolbar & i think its the system temp displayed by default.

hover your mouse pointer over the number on the taskbar and it will display all three temps.

if it is your proc running at 26-27 then i want one lol, mine runs at 46-51Âșc and is an AMD 1800XP+

  johnnyrocker 20:48 10 Jun 2004

hd 35 temp 3 42 temp 2 30 temp 1 26, not sure if significant but speedfan shows 1 fan and i have 2 , another point but not sure if relevant it shows my -12v to be 0.48v


  johnnyrocker 22:30 10 Jun 2004

just for update it froze tonight with a low buzzing sound (continuous) hit re set as usual went part way through boot got checksum bad error two options chose load defaults and continue clock reverted to oct 2002 (only got machine in 2003) i need help as i feel it to be leading down a bad road again.


  georgemac 06:30 11 Jun 2004

when in 2003 did you get the machine? If it is still under warranty, you need to contact the supplier ASAP - checksum errors may be a corrupt bios chip on the motherboard.

Do you know what type of motherboard is in the PC, as it may be worth checking the mobo website to see if there any bios updates available to cure instability problems.

If it is under warranty, contact the supplier.

If you do not know what type of motherboard you have click here and download and run this - it will tell you all your system components.

May be worth doing a test on your memory modules click here and download doc memory - you have to register but it's free - have not used the latest version, but it should create a bootable floppy, and when your pc boots from it, it will carry out a full diagnostic check on you ram.

  johnnyrocker 07:00 11 Jun 2004

will try suggestions this evening when i get home, machine out of warranty, memory is new (might not mean much i know) might running sfc help?


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