Xp pro freezes on laptop

  fredyflame 21:58 14 Feb 2004

I have installed win xp on a hP omnibook 500 after formatting the C drive (there was an un named drive which I formatted only 22mb)
xp loaded fine but when i try to restart it always freezes on the black start up screen.
I then have to press the restart button on side of laptop which gives me the choice to start normally this goes ok but back to freezing on each start or restart.

  dfghjkl 22:06 14 Feb 2004

does your system meet the minimum requirements for xp?it is very hungry for small cpu,s and memory.what is your memory etc?

  fredyflame 22:11 14 Feb 2004

128meg 10 gig hard drive 600 mhz cpu

  dfghjkl 23:20 14 Feb 2004

that is pushing it a bit.you will get peope on here saying they run xp on 128 but it cant be very fast,i used to run it on 256ddr and it was ok,i now have 512,but dont notice much differance (10% higher 3d mark 2003)so it must have been ok on 256. 256 is the minimum requirement for xp i think but not sure about cpu.i think you would be better on 98se,unless you upgrade.i am sure someone else will tell you the minimum specs,if i remember they are on the xp disc,if you put it in,it might tell you.take it from me,xp really is the best,so it is worth a bit of hassle but get everything right and you will enjoy it a lot more.peter.

  dfghjkl 23:23 14 Feb 2004

also 10 gig wont last you too long,it takes 1.5 gig just to load up,so by the time you have it how you want it you will use up to half of that.no room for any games.i dont mean to put you off,i know it may look like it,but i am not.just letting you know .peter.

  fredyflame 23:49 14 Feb 2004

Thanks for that
It was running 2000 pro but I removed that and have no back up disk
may have to just run win 98 sec ed

  dfghjkl 00:24 15 Feb 2004

glad to have been a help.peter.

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