XP pro freezes

  john-232317 12:45 29 Oct 2004

Hi guys hope you can help....

AMD 2600,XP Pro, Starts and runs for approx 6 mins then freezes.

I am on ADSL and a sign pops up "local area connection cable is unplugged " All cables are in and all lights are still on router. At that time the mouse freezes up also. If i start up with router unplugged the sign doesnt`t pop up but it still freezes. I am unable to shut down with con alt + del and have to hold the start button in. when i try to reboot it just hangs on the screen where the dots go across and they stop.

I can start in safe mode but it wont let me run any AV or SFC.

I also tried restore, but although the points are there it wont restore to any of the dates.

The av is PC Cillin and is up to date. I also have Spybot and Adaware, which finds malware occasionally which i quarantine then delete after a while.

The trouble has started since Wed eve when i returned from hols, there was an answer email from PC Cillin makers "Symatic" i think they are called, saying that the trojan_delf.ar that i had forwarded to them which had been quarantined by PC Cillin earlier, was a version of bukka k and to download the attached file, which of course i did not do, as i was reading this PC Cillin caught another trojan trying to get in and i put the emergency lock on. I deleted three attempts of the virus that had tried to get in.

Hope i have`nt bored you to tears, but i have tried to give as much info as possible. I am sending this from my old K6 400 win 98 ;-(

  hugh-265156 15:06 29 Oct 2004

never open any email you are not expecting or from anybody you dont know, especially if it has attachments its a sure way to get infected.

try updating your av and then disable system restore and run a full scan, delete everything it finds and then re enable system restore again and restart the computer.

  john-232317 15:40 29 Oct 2004

The only one i read was the one i was expecting from PC Cillin.

With restore off, AV is fully updated and showed zero, stinger showed zero, adaware showed 2 reg changes, 2 reg values, 1 file malware which i deleted, Spybot was congrats clean, i had to do these one at a time because of the freeze up.

Tried online scan but freezes before it can complete.

regards john

  hugh-265156 18:39 29 Oct 2004

sorry about that. i was thinking you had opened an email attachment that you didnt request.

click here for some removal info on the above trojan.

if you can get into safe mode it may also be worth looking in 'event viewer' maybe for any errors listed just in case its a system or application problem maybe.

im not well up on routers, do they get hot? maybe its faulty hardware.

  john-232317 19:54 29 Oct 2004

Thanks for the link, but everything i have used has come up clean, but i will give it a try when i put PC back on, i will wait to see if any more advice comes in.

I can get in safe mode but it wont let me into SFC, also i cant get a restore point. How do i access event veiwer ?.

Routers dont get hot, they are on 24/7.

As it is a regular time to freeze up i wondered if maybe something is overheating, but what ? instead of a virus.

When it freezes, to shut off i have to hold start button in then reboot, it then hangs on the blue start screen with the thingys going across which then stop.

I have tried to google problem, plenty of XP freeze ups but none like mine.

regards John

  gudgulf 21:07 29 Oct 2004

To check if overheating could be the cause take the side off the pc----check that all the fans (cpu/graphics card/case) are working.Also look for any build up of dust in the cpu heatsink or case ventilation holes.Clean as necessary.

It might also be a good idea to remove and replace all memory modules and the graphics card if fitted as these can become unseated over time leading to all manor of problems.

  john-232317 21:43 29 Oct 2004

Checked fans, all three working.

Took out and refitted mem chip,pushed graphics to make sure it was tight, but when i switched on got 5 or 6 beeps so switched off and reseated it, now no beeps, so hopefully you may have the answer.

Will try it out tomorrow, but that would not effect not being able to get a restore point or being unable to SFC would it ? or knowing PC`s maybe it would....

  gudgulf 21:55 29 Oct 2004

It may be you have more than one problem here.My investigation into the del.ar trojan does not mention any system freezes.It appears to be a keylogger/backdoor type trojan.

If yor pc will run without freezing now try running Chkdsk.Bring up my computer,right click on the c drive and select properties.From there click on tools and select "check now" under error checking.Opt to fix any errors found and restart your pc.

When done try sfc again.

  hugh-265156 22:48 29 Oct 2004

what exactly happens please when you try to run sfc /scannow? have you tried running it from a command prompt? i dont know it that will make any difference though trying it this way but its worth a try i suppose. click 'start/run' type 'cmd' then type 'sfc /scannow' and hit enter.

can you also tell us exactly what happens when you tried to use system restore and it failed? did this just not run or did the system run it but lock up etc?

when you turned off system restore as you said above, was a new checkpoint then created when you turned it back on again?

depending on your set up, to get into even viewer either click 'start/control panel/administrative tools/event viewer' or 'start/control panel/performance and maintenance/administrative tools/event viewer' then click on the 'system' and the 'application' tabs on the left of the screen. look here for errors reported with a red x, click them for more info if there are any here.

if you think it could be a heat issue then i would leave the case closed as is and wait until it hangs again the when you restart enter your bios and check the temps here. it will say on your screen something like 'press F2 or DEL to enter set up' for example, then look for your hardware monitor menu in here.

as a last resort if temps are or and no errors reported maybe try a repair install of xp? click here

  john-232317 23:52 29 Oct 2004

I tried SFC in the run box, the black box appeared for half a second then disappeared.

I went into system restore and picked a date, it run through the process, but froze again. When i tried to restore again, the screen said that the other restore had failed, i tried this about 5 times all with the same result.

I will try event viewer tomorrow. And let you know how i get on.

Thanks for the help so far guys...John

  john-232317 14:01 30 Oct 2004

I reseated memory and vid card this morning and i think it has cured the freeze up as i had time to try to boot up from cd and try a repair. It run the repair but on the reboot it still hung on the XP Pro screen. Looks like i will have to put it on again. Should i try going over the top or format and a clean install.

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