XP Pro and Fax Facility Installation.

  spuds 17:32 12 Oct 2003

I am trying to install a fax facilty onto my computer. Using the XP Pro route via Add/Remove Windows Components, I find that I cannot access this fax add-on.

I am being told that I want a file fxscfgwz.dll' on Windows XP Professional CD-Rom is needed.Type the path where the file is located, and then click OK. The path leads me to a discontinued and un-installed HP 590 OfficeJet printer file, that I once had connected to my computer.

How can I install the Windows fax facility. Do I need to re-install via the XP Pro CD. Is it a simple case of 'dropping' the disk in the computer and letting it sort itself out- Or will disaster strike.

  spuds 18:00 12 Oct 2003

spikeychris- thanks for the download link.

Just downloaded, and my computer crashed. Do not know why that happened or what caused that (;o).

  spuds 18:18 12 Oct 2003

Was able to download from first link okay, but computer crashed after download.Second link, is something that I have been looking for. Now in my favourites. Thanks again.

Now to try and set-up a computer MS fax facility!.

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